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Which AC is best for home use?

Buying an AC is a heavy investment and an absolutely difficult process. One needs to consider various options before settling on the best air conditioner like its features, aesthetics, durability, and a lot more. Here are some aspects to look for and reviews of the best ac in India for home use.

Buying guide:

Types available: The umbrella terms for the two most popular ACs are window ACs and splits ACs. One is installed in the window space or the lower half of the room while the other is on the topmost section being wider than the other. 

Price range: Different types of air conditioners have different prices. The best quality AC brands usually cost up to Rs 35,000. Some lower costing ones can start around Rs 25,000 but be as efficient as the rest as well.

Cooling capacity and tonnage: These two aspects are interdependent since the better the tonnage, the more the cooling capacity. A 1.5 Ton AC should fit a medium-sized room of up to 150sqft. 

Energy efficiency: All ACs must have an energy rating on them to indicate their power and efficiency. Most top air conditioners have a rating of 3 stars and above which is the most economical and gives great returns on the investment.

Other features: In addition to these main features, consider the extra qualities the AC offers which might be dehumidifying, dust filters, safety, antibacterial capacity, and a lot more depending on what the customer is keen on. 

Reviews of 5 best ac to buy for home use.

1) Whirlpool 1.5 Ton Split AC 

Whirlpool has continuously upped its game in the home electronics field and this product has been a bestseller for a long time. The AC has a 3-star rating which makes it super energy efficient and useful. The company provides a 10-year warranty on the compressor and 1 year overall which is a great period to be covered by a brand. The extra features like 6th sense technology, error displaying, turbo cool, and self clean make it the best company in India. It also has eco-friendly features like an eco-mode that reduces pressure on the compressor and decreases energy usage on the motor. The HEPA filter allows safe entry of smaller particles while rejecting larger ones and the MPFI technology wiring ensures safe and rapid intake and exchange of heat. All these features make Whirlpool the best ac brand in India.

2) Voltas 1.4 Ton Window AC

Voltas has meticulously produced high-quality ACs of both split and window types. This product is our first pick on the window AC models and it has the best energy rating of 5 stars amongst all the chosen products. The copper condenser coil and E-saver qualities make it the most electricity-saving option since it reduces the load on the motor in totality. The filters are easily removable and can be cleaned with warm water by oneself without any hassle. The dust-free filter and R32 refrigerant gas are the safety elements that keep the airflow breathable and reduce the load on ozone depletion. In addition to these features, it has an instant cooling, ergonomic build, memory function that remembers the settings after restarting due to power cuts, ambient cooling, and much more to depend on. It has a 4-year warranty on the compressor as well. 

3) Sanyo 1.5 Ton Wide Split AC

Sanyo is a great pick for a split AC with a 5-star rating and inverter running which is usually rare. There is a warranty of 5 years on the compressor and 1 year on the overall product. It can cool the air even at 52 degrees and has a special glacier mode for doing so. The PM 2.5 filter provides dust-free regulation and faster air purification. This product is the best ac choice for a noiseless operation due to its 43 dB operation. The motor is made up of a split compressor that fastens the process and cools more efficiently by giving up to 35% faster fan speed. It has a sleek finish, hidden display, hydrophilic fins, backlit remote, and sleep function that add to its value even more. 

4) Voltas 1 Ton Split AC 

This Voltas product has a 3-star rating and an excellent cooling capacity of up to 100sqft which is ideal for a small family. The special element in its operation is the multi-stage filtration advantage. This feature not only removes dust and other bigger particles but also microorganisms, allergens, bad odour, and other harmful particles that may disrupt the running. It can collect water vapour from the room and keep it super dry at all times. Since many ACs tend to cool the spots nearby and leave out the rest, this AC is the best alternative for turbo cooling that leaves no hot spots throughout the room. The last feature is a low-frequency torque control that regulates the temperature and energy saving to the maximum. This product also has a warranty of up to 5 years on the compressor.  

5) Blue Star 0.8 Tons Split AC

Blue star has been the best ac company in India for decades since it is one of the cheapest variants with a long life. This product has a 10-year compressor warranty on it and can cool up to 100sqft at a time. It runs on an inverter and has a copper coil for lower power intake and energy efficiency. The 3-star rating is a decent benchmark since it has other elements that compensate for it like safe refrigerant gas, eco mode, and dust filter. The two-way auto swing cools faster and uniformly. The self-cleaning technology helps the AC remain free of contaminants every time it starts by providing fresh and breathable air making it the best AC in India for a budget purchase!
This was a list of the ‘best air conditioner in India’ with easy use and maximum energy saving. They were thoroughly researched and reviewed for the customer’s ease and benefit. Hope it helps!

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