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Which is the Best Face Toner for Pore Tightening, Deep Cleansing?

Best Face Toner

Have you wondered what element would complete your skincare routine? Is it just about eating the right food items? Is it about wearing the right clothes as a shield against the harmful rays of the sun and the excessive pollution in the environment? Is it about using the best skincare product you can regularly use at home? While all these would contribute to your skincare routine, there is one product that can offer a notable change. If you are wondering what that product is, that skincare product is none other than face toner

Why is it necessary to use face toner?

Many people enjoy building their skincare routine to the next level. However, they overlook the importance of using face toner regularly. Let us look at how you can benefit from skin toner to cleanse and power up your skin.

  • Pore Tightening: The role played by the skin toner is critical. After removing the impurities and oil particles from the face, the skin is thoroughly cleaned. However, the pores can be left open in this process, inviting the deposition of other foreign particles. 

             To prevent this from happening, you should use a face toner. It would ensure that the pores are tightened after the application.                        Thus, apart from cleansing the pores, this skincare product would also help to give the skin an even and smooth texture.

  • Nourishing the Skin: The cleansing and prepping abilities of a face toner are talked about in most blogs. However, what is not usually discussed is that the skin toner itself can impart nourishment. Yes, you read that right! Imagine using a toner like the Rose Face Toner with Witch Hazel and Rose Water for Pore Tightening from Mamaearth.

    A toxin-free toner has the goodness of many natural ingredients that deeply nourish the skin cells post a proper application. This is a proven fact that the skin becomes nourished and firm after a naturally balanced toner is applied.
  • Prepping the Skin: According to skincare experts, the best time to use a toner is in between using the best face wash and applying suitable face cream. This is essential because the skin needs to absorb the moisture and nutrients stored in the face cream. If the skin is not ready to absorb the nutritional properties deep into the dermis layers, the purpose of moisturizing the skin will be lost.

    This is where the face toner comes into the picture as a prepping product. It helps prepare the skin after cleansing to conduct moisturizing effortlessly and effectively.  
  • Cleansing the Skin: It is a common belief that a face wash cleans the face. But sometimes, dirt, dust particles, grease deposits, pollutants, and unwanted foreign particles on the skin may hide a little deeper. A face toner can bring out the impurities from the deepest hiding spots and give the face a radiant and blemish-free appearance.

Did you know? Cleaning the face is possible with the best face washes like the Tea Tree Face Wash, Ubtan Face Wash, and Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash from Mamaearth. 

Is the Toner Gentle and Safe?

This is an important question to address. Some people mistakenly believe that using a toner could hurt your skin. Please do not believe in such a hoax because it is usually a safe and gentle product. Yes, there may be misguidance, but you will easily find a gentle and safe formula if you know what to look for in the toner. 

Shall we look at three characteristics that can help you determine the quality of the face toner? Let’s begin. 

1 – The ingredients present should be natural and gentle: 

Have you thought about how a skincare product becomes gentle yet effective? Yes, you guessed it right! A skincare product that will be mild on the skin comprises natural ingredients. Handpicking ingredients from the lap of nature will transfer authentic nourishment to the skin. In addition, it will help to cure skin issues like aging, spots, pimples, acne, and more. 

Make sure you discard the use of harmful chemicals like parabens, ammonia, silicones, SLES, and more in the skin toner, for these ingredients are toxic. Also, avoid the use of pollutants like artificial colors and fragrances. The practice of adulteration weakens the benefits of the toner and can increase harmfulness. Thus, choose only an authentic toner. 

2 – The formula should be compatible with the skin:

The next thing to check for in a good toner is its compatibility with the skin type. For example, people who have dry skin naturally fear using toner. They believe that toner will make their sky drab and dull and cause prolonged damage. However, this is not the case. 

Rather, using a toner having ingredients like aloe vera will further enhance the skincare routine by imparting moisturizing to the skin. Thus, when you purchase a toner, make sure it is compatible with all skin types. Also, go for a moisturizing formula to enhance the soothing effect. 

3 – The product should come with a safety certificate: 

How safe is your chosen skin care product- this is often a serious question. We recommend you conduct thorough research before answering this about a product. How can you conduct this research as a user? Well, it is quite simple. First, you should check if that skincare product has been subjected to clinical testing. If yes, the product has been dermatologically tested for quality assurance and then released. 

As per our research, Mamaearth is the first brand in Asia to be awarded the MadeSafe Certification. Thus, we prefer buying a natural skin toner from this brand. You may also check if your chosen product is not tested on animals and is PETA certified.

Summing up

You should be feeling relieved that using a face toner is, indeed, a wise decision. As a user, you can try out a few new ones from Mamaearth, like the one enriched with Vitamin C (for Pore Tightening), or Niacin and Witch Hazel (for Acne and Open Pores), or Rose with Witch Hazel (also for Pore Tightening). Mamaearth is a Made Safe and PETA certified brand and it offers a wide range of toxin-free and natural skincare, body care, hair care, and baby care products. 

As a pro tip, we recommend you also back up the good work of a skin toner with a healthier lifestyle, adequate sleep cycles, and living a stress-free life. This would surely help you have a naturally radiant and gorgeous appearance in due course. 

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