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Why do we need to use animated explainer video?

animated explainer video

In a world where people’s attention spans are shortening all the time, your website content must work harder than ever to hold a viewer’s attention. But where do you begin when the product or service you’re advertising is complicated? That’s where animated explanation videos come in.

An animated video is, as any animation business will tell you, the ideal medium for the overwhelming majority of explainer films you’ll ever need. But why, you may wonder?

What is an explainer video?

The first half of the answer is in the name: an explainer video is a video that explains a product, service, or concept. Technology software, for example, is sometimes sophisticated and has to be simplified in order to appeal to clients. If your new software helps you handle data or information, for example, and it’s pretty thorough or unique, you should include a great explanation film.

Furthermore, explainer films are often 1-3 minutes length to appeal to people’s short attention spans; also, an explainer video business will frequently use a clear and entertaining narration to guide viewers through the product, service, or idea. More useful information about video explainers and successful examples of them can be found here:

What are the advantages of using an animated explainer video?

Complex thoughts are made simple via animation

Explainer videos, as previously said, clarify complicated topics; nevertheless, animation may make this much more effective. The brain is instantly at peace when the pictures themselves are clean and uncomplicated, regardless of the topic being explained.

The observer may be intimidated by an image that is more busy or detailed. Keeping things as simple as possible, on the other hand, keeps their attention and comprehension.

Your brand is strengthened through animation

You may more readily cement branding, such as colors and typefaces, using animated explainer movies. If your major brand color is blue, for example, you should use it throughout the film. Making your characters wear blue all the time, depending on what you have in your animation, is an example of this.

Furthermore, many businesses are distinguished by their own animation style. Create one for your own company to raise brand exposure, recognition, and recall.

Animation appeals to people of all ages

Do you recall watching cartoons as a kid? What about the one you kept watching over and again, much to your folks’ amusement? That interest doesn’t actually go away; it merely manifests itself in new forms.

Explainer videos with animation may have the same impact on individuals of all ages. We humans like animation because it is soothing, gratifying, and full of character. Why not use this to your advantage in your marketing?

The spectator will be impressed by the animation

Animation, like the examples above, impresses your consumers. This is due to the fact that it is a specialized ability that only a few individuals – including an explainer video firm – possess. As a result, animated explainer videos will be given a little more credit for their efforts.

Even if it wasn’t as difficult to build as many imagine, your audience will often be unaware. Motion graphics movies, for example, are far easier to create than 2D animation from scratch. Many individuals who aren’t in the know – maybe you included – will mistake them for one and the same. (To discover the difference between motion graphics and animation, see here.)

Animation leaves a lasting impression

Animated explainer videos, like brand recall, will keep you thinking about them for a long time after you’ve seen them — assuming they’re good enough. This is due to the fact that animation has its own unique personality and magic touch that cannot be fully recreated. It’s essentially a conversation starter and a sought-after item in and of itself. So, if you want to obtain this position for your brand, utilize it.

Short animations are extremely effective

Animated explainer videos, and video in general, are masters at cramming more useful information into a 30-second period than any other media. By employing eye-catching images, seamless transitions, and attractive, brand-relevant colors, animation may quickly grab your audience.

Your brand is associated with favorable connotations thanks to animation

Animation’s abilities also include the ability to elicit an emotional response from viewers. Then, as a result of these feelings, positive connections with the brand that shared the cartoon are formed. As a result, customer numbers, engagement, traffic, and revenue can only improve as a result.
Consider creating an animated explainer film for your company. It will readily explain your goods and services to your audience, enhance your engagement, and drive your revenues to new heights. Read more about how expanders can be useful:

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