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Why is Kior the Best Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal Machine?

Who doesn’t struggle with unwanted hair? Well, we all go through this at some point in our lives. Now, choosing which hair removal technique to go for can be an overwhelming task. This is because we all need a permanent hair removal method, that isn’t too heavy on our pockets, and is friendly on our skin too. When we talk about hair removal solutions, most individuals go for waxing and shaving. However, neither of these methods is a permanent means of hair removal and can be quite harsh on our skin. And, cosmetic laser clinics are way too expensive, and most people can’t even afford a single session! So, we have for you an amazing one-time investment laser hair removal medical grade device, that will not only be cost-effective but will also remove all your unwanted hair permanently, in less than a few weeks – Kior.

What is Kior?

Kior is your ultimate at-home laser hair removal device – this is what exactly is claimed by the company. But is this true or just a buzz created by millions of other companies that enter the market every day? Let’s find out… First, the ‘at-home’ part of this incredible hair removal device means that you can readily use this laser hair removal machine from the comfort of your home. This handheld laser hair removal device helps get rid of any unwanted hair from any part(s) of your body. Plus, as the Kior home laser hair removal device pledges, this at-home laser hair removal device makes an individual completely hair-free in less than 8 weeks.

What is the Story Behind Kior At Home Laser Hair Removal Device?

As we have mentioned earlier, everyone struggles with unwanted hair all around their body, be it women or men. Having struggled with unwanted hair for numerous years of our life, we finally found the Kior home laser hair removal device as our own Holy Grail. Wondering, what led to Kior home laser removal?
Well, the founder of Kior, had a daughter who was constantly bullied in school for having hairy arms and legs. This frequent bully really got to her, and her parents started to really worry about her. Yes, we know what you’re thinking – why not consider shaving or waxing them off? This is exactly when the founder, Roe Kinko, wanted to find an easier, pain-free, and permanent means of hair removal, none of which waxing or shaving could deliver. This is exactly when the Kior at-home laser hair removal machine came into being. Since then, the Kior handheld laser hair removal device has been removing unwanted hair from almost every part of the body, on various skin types and colors, without any pain or side effects. Also, you become hairless in less than 8 weeks, forever!

How is Kior Home Laser Hair Removal Machine Different from Professional Laser Clinics?

Now, you must be wondering how the Kior handheld laser hair removal device can be any different from professional laser clinics, and whether professional laser clinics are actually more effective than this medical grade laser hair removal machine. When you take appointments for laser hair removal from professional laser clinics, you don’t become hairless in only one session. Rather, you might need to visit numerous times, and have more or less 7-8 sessions, depending upon the type of hair you have.
Now, here’s the intriguing part… Each laser hair removal session costs about $400, more or less. If we total up all the sessions you will require for complete hair removal, it might cost you even more than $3,000. This is when the cost-effective Kior handheld laser hair removal device comes into play. Kior at home laser hair removal is highly cost-effective, and you don’t even need to visit professional laser clinics when you have a medical grade laser hair removal device at home to do the job! But, apart from the whooping costs, is Kior medical grade laser hair removal as effective as professional laser clinics? Definitely! Kior hair removal device offers a more strengthened pulse of the same intensity that is found in cosmetic centers. Not just this – Kior states that it also uses a wavelength of 650nm, which is comparatively much longer than most hair removal devices you might find on the market! This undoubtedly makes the Kior at-home laser hair removal device as effective as those laser machines you find in professional cosmetics.

How to Use the Kior Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal Device?

Having used the Kior at-home laser hair removal device personally, we found this home laser hair removal device extremely easy and convenient to use. Kior home laser hair removal device works by targeting the melanin in our hair and skin. Melanin is basically the pigment that produces, as well as gives color to our hair. Laser light is beamed towards any required target area, and with the help of this melanin pigment, this light energy is later converted into heat which causes the hair follicles to not produce any more unwanted hair. Thus, in order to use Kior handheld laser hair removal device, all you need to do is plug the device, target your required area of unwanted hair, and wait till this hair removal device beams a light. Then, you can move to your next area where you want to remove unwanted hair from. Repeat this process until you have left no area. The best part is, that you aren’t required to use any creams, gels, or lotions! However, don’t forget to wear sunglasses that have been provided by Kior in order to protect your eyes from the laser beams.

Key Benefits of the Kior Home Laser Hair Removal Device

Apart from being completely hair free in less than 8 weeks, there are various other benefits we found extremely incredible that you should know about too: 1 Million Flashes Now, the most intriguing part about Kior at-home laser hair removal device is that you get upto 1 million flashes! We were first fretful if this home laser hair removal device will remove all unwanted hair in this number of flashes. But, we can confidently say that upto 3 people can use this single hair removal device. Suitable for All Skin Types The best part about Kior medical grade laser hair removal is that it suits all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Whether you have sensitive, oily, or dry skin, the Kior at home laser hair removal device is for you. Promotes Development of Collagen Our favorite feature for sure! After we started using Kior, not only did it permanently remove hair from the skin, but the skin looked totally rejuvenated and younger! This has to do with Kior’s ability to promote collagen development, which helps make our skin more elastic, and healthier looking.

Process Based on Only a Single Step

As talked about earlier, Kior medical grade laser hair removal device is a complete one-step process, making it incredibly easy to use for everyone.

Is Kior The Best Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal Machine, and Yet a Safe Investment?

Yes it is…Kior will undoubtedly be one of the best one-time investments you will ever make for yourself, as well as your family. We found it the best so far. It is your turn to give it a try now 🙂

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