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Why should you hire an Offshore .NET Development Company?

Offshore .NET Development

Ever since the world saw the official release of the Microsoft .NET framework in 2002, its popularity as an open-source software development framework has not blurred. Recent research by W3tech states that approx 10.9% of the websites ranked in the top million use ASP.NET as their server-side web programming language ( Source: Comparison of usage statistics of ASP.NET vs. Java, W3techs). 

So, it is more important than ever to hire ASP.NET developers to build web applications for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, etc. And when looking for top .NET developers, there is no better alternative than hiring developers from offshore .NET development companies. But before we explore the benefits of offshore .NET development, let’s understand the meaning of .NET development and its services. 

Meaning of .NET Development

.NET is a cross-platform, open-source software development framework created by Microsoft for building different kinds of applications. You can use it to make software, including web, mobile, desktop applications, IoT, and games for other operating systems. You can take advantage of this flexible platform by hiring .NET developers to build secure, scalable, and high-performing applications for your business. 

When you hire an ASP.NET developer, you can access a wide range of .NET Software development services. Typically, .NET services include

  • .NET Desktop App Development
  • Web APIs
  • .NET Core Solutions 
  • .NET Mobile 
  • .NET Support
  • IoT& Embedded Systems
  • .NET Migrations
  • ASP.NET Database solutions
  • .NET Integrations, etc.   

Building a high-quality and mission-critical .NET software development project is challenging, especially when you don’t have enough resources like skilled specialists and funds to hire them in your company. With offshore .NET development, you can access custom skill sets and experienced developers at relatively lower costs. Offshore web development brings many benefits; let’s explore them in detail.   

Key Advantages of Hiring an Offshore .NET Development Company 

Easy Access to Large Talent Pool

It takes around ten weeks or more for a mid-level IT company to find the desired team of developers that match their project requirements. Finding skilled .Net programmers nearshore is complex. Offshoring allows you to choose from a much broader selection of experienced developers to work on your project efficiently. These talented offshore Dot Net programmers are readily available to take on any project flexibly.

Easy Business Expansion

Offshoring allows businesses to scale their operations swiftly and expand their reach to a vast section of the community. You get access to the latest technologies required to develop high-performing scalable applications. That’s how offshore .NET developers help you stay ahead of the curve.


Outsourcing development work to an offshore development company eliminates your indirect and direct expenses of hiring in-house developers. You save on software and hardware licenses, compensation, recruitment and training, administrative expenses, medical facilities, office supplies, etc.

Free up Resources to Focus On Core Issues

When you hire a team of offshore .Net developers, you save time that you otherwise would spend organizing and managing business practices. With Offshore .NET developers, you will be able to complete your projects within the deadline. So, you don’t need to supervise certain project activities and can focus on achieving core business goals.

Access to Experienced Resources of varied skillsets

No business owner wants to experience mishaps while developing high-end software projects. Hiring an offshore .NET development team allows you to access skillfully experienced talents adept at using the latest version of the .NET application. So, you can expect these developers to solve project drawbacks in a hassle-free manner. 

Access Latest Technologies Without Investing

Offshore web development companies are laced with the latest technologies to deliver state-of-the-art .NET development solutions. As .NET technology is language-independent, it enables developers to use various frameworks in multiple environments at low costs. Offshore .NET developers use the latest technologies to explore new features of .NET and use convenient features to meet your project goals. You also access high-quality procedures and structured strategies using the latest technologies. 

The flexibility of Hiring Part-Time Or Full-Time

Easy business scalability and flexibility to ramp teams up or down are among the top benefits of offshoring. And what is better than hiring offshore .NET developers and saving what you might spend on hiring full-time employees? Offshoring comes with the flexibility to hire .NET developers on a full-time, hourly, or fixed-cost project basis. You can employ .NET experts and get premium quality .NET development services even with a tight budget.

Fewer Risks

When you work with a talented pool of offshore .NET developers, you get the top-notch applications built for your business. There is always a low risk of poor output or late project delivery as offshore developers adhere to tested application development practices and deliver work in time. Offshore .NET development companies are backed by a pool of seasoned .NET developers that are agile practitioners capable of providing lean project development for companies of all sizes. So, you can expect them to craft high-performance, scalable solutions.

Wrap Up

Offshore .NET development is ideal for businesses looking to develop cutting-edge apps and software products at cost-effective prices. Overall, it’s safe to say that outsourcing helps companies develop projects that foster growth and ensure high ROI. Besides improving productivity and profit margin, timely project delivery, quality assurance, and technical support are vital benefits of offshoring. 

Moreover, with offshore .NET development, you get a personalized team assigned for your project that gives undivided attention to meet your business goals. But before you hire offshore .NET developers, make sure they hold the skills needed for .NET development. For instance, offshore .NET developers should hold extensive knowledge of 

  • C#, JavaScript and/or TypeScript, 
  • ASP. NET, ASP.NET Core framework, 
  • ASP.NET model view controller (MVC) pattern,
  •  Knowledge of databases, 
  • Cloud expertise, 
  • React and Angular framework, etc. 

Besides checking the above skills, you may also check the necessary certifications of skilled offshore .NET developers. Popular .NET development certifications include Microsoft Azure Architect technologies, Microsoft Azure Architect Design, and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. Hence, hiring the right certified .NET development team can bring your business to the next level. 

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