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Artificial Intelligence

Why Study Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: 7 Reasons

Artificial Intelligence And Data Science
Artificial Intelligence And Data Science

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have a good reputation – we use it now, but most of us are afraid of what it can do to us in the future. Those are not empty concerns, as many scientists confirm, that once AI realizes itself, it may consider humanity unnecessary. Still, it sounds rather dark and rather almighty for something that still cannot 100% tell a dog from a cat in a picture.

You may be a bit scared of AI advancement, and you may be excited about it, the only attitude that doesn’t seem reasonable for a time being is indifference. Robotics, AI engineering, machine learning, those are the spheres that attract the most investment, the brightest minds, and will be defining for humanity in the future. It seems like we came to the topic of our article — why study artificial intelligence and data science?

Top Reasons to Study Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

If you are hesitant, whether working with artificial intelligence and data science can be beneficial in the future, you may consider some facts of how it is going to be utilized.

Also, remember that studying AI doesn’t mean you have to be a scientist or a programmer, there are plenty of specialties that can be useful in the field: from biologists to marketing specialists, from videomakers to chemists. So, consider studying artificial intelligence even if you are not going to be a programmer or a coding specialist. And here is why. 

Obtaining a Well-Paid Profession

In the USA you can easily earn $80,000 – $120,000 on average, being an AI professional. Even if you are not living in top-paying countries, you can start working online, and it will still be much more profitable than other professions you can find offline in your country.

There are lots of programming specialists willing to work online from around the world and it is only right to go to the narrower niche. The more up-to-date and narrow the niche you choose is, the easier it will be for you to find a well-paid job. Start on studying AI now, and soon you will be a rather wanted specialist with a nice professional background and good salary perspectives.

Working With Robots not Against Robots

There are lots of jokes and serious speculations on robots taking people’s jobs. Every year new lists of “Professions that will be done by robots soon” are created. It is not a comfortable feeling to see a profession you studied for in that list. Studying artificial intelligence and data science, you will tell robots what to do, not the other way around. Of course, it largely depends on which specialty you choose.

Working on the Edge of Tech Development

Do you like to keep abreast of the latest developments in tech and science? Then studying AI and data science is for you. If you open tech news at CNN or any other news channel, you will read mostly about spheres — commercial space trips and AI/robotics. In the end, data science and AI are widely applicable to space travel as well. 

Endless Opportunities

You may start working as a programming specialist in a machine learning project, then move to a data science project in the agricultural sphere, and then use your AI understanding to apply for another space programme launched by Musk, Brenson or Bezos. Once, people who knew “computers” were needed everywhere, could apply their skills in any project. Now, the same goes for those who work AI and robotics. 

Working with the Best and the Brightest

Once you decide to work in this sphere, you know that you will study and work with the most talented, interesting and novelty-seeking people in the market. Our environment makes us who we are to a large extent, and it is a wise choice to make sure you are in a good professional company. 


Working in the AI/robotic industry, becoming a wanted professional, you can choose almost any country to work in. Companies gladly relocate valuable specialists, help with documents, insurance, even with moving your family to a new place. If you want an opportunity to travel and work in different first world countries – start studying AI and data science right away. 

Leaving Your Mark

The reasons we have listed before are rather selfish — money, fame, good study and work acquaintances, career perspectives. Meanwhile, working with AI projects you have an immense opportunity to save the world — help surgeons make far-reach robotic operations, help neuroscientists fight Alzheimers, etc. 

How to Succeed in Dealing with STEM assignments

Now, once you really become motivated to study artificial intelligence and data science, we need to share some more information about those with you. The truth is, AI, robotics, engineering are among the most difficult subjects to study both in college and university.

At some point you may need homework help online from a STEM assignment help service, such as or similar. Why? First, because like all students you will not always be able to plan your studying properly. When the semester just starts, we all tend to think that we will do all the assignments on time, spend equal time studying every day, etc.

Reality proves us wrong every time. Second, because some of the STEM assignments are too difficult, and without some extra help from experts you will get stuck, procrastinate and fail. Some students hire tutors, but some prefer to get assignments done and use them as examples for their independent further studies.

Third, with everything going on in the industry, you will be forced to make hard choices — to write an essay on something that won’t have any meaning in a year, or to visit a professional conference online, etc. Still, most of the STEM assignments you face will be practical and not easy — so it is a good idea to have a Plan B, a group of experts you can address for assistance any moment.

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