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Why you should use plastic crates instead of bottles and cans?

plastic crates instead of bottles and cans

Crates are used to transport and store a wide variety of items. Many boxes are made of wood and some are made of steel and aluminium. They are generally used to transport large and heavy objects. The nally plastic crates and plastic storage items, however, can be found in many everyday uses these days. It is very light and easy to carry with lots of storage space, so it is used for dispensing many items like milk bottles, glass bottles and cans. They are long lasting and durable, which can protect the material they are transporting. Plastic crates can withstand heavy weights that often exceed human weight. It’s not easy to break, no matter where you try to hit, twist or turn from side to side. Compared to wooden boxes that may not easily chip or provide as much protection as paper boxes, plastic boxes are a better and cheaper way to store and transport items.


Plastic crates are also very suitable for transporting fresh fruits and vegetables. They do not require treatment for insects that can easily infest wooden crates. They are also chosen for hygiene purposes, as they can be easily cleaned and reused. It comes with a variety of dimensions and shapes, no splinter or nails and is durable. You can use it in a humid environment and not worry about the crate spoiling and contaminating the contents. This will be different than using a paper crate.


Plastic crates are also eco-friendly, reusable and easily recyclable. In the long run, this translates into a much cheaper solution than a crate made of any other material. Because of its reusable and easy-to-carry nature, crates are often stolen, sold as plastic crates, and are still expensive.

Dynamic dimensions, shapes and colours

With a variety of dimensions and shapes available, plastic boxes can suit many uses. Another advantage is that they are a well-designed transport and storage solution as they can be stacked when empty. They are also very light in weight and large enough to store in size while small enough for a human to carry. This minimizes storage space and simplifies carrying and transport for any purpose.

Easy packing

Before shipment or land transport, goods placed on a pallet are secured with a compress wrap, stretch wrap, or strapping. Heavy piles can be moved easily using pallets. They can be hauled either by a forklift truck or a front loader. Plus, they can be hand painted with a palette jack.

Commercial purposes

Materials can pass through doors and buildings through small pallets designed for such purposes. Large pallets used for loading and unloading heavy materials are also available. There are pallet suppliers who provide businesses with reusable pallets equipped with critical tracking equipment. Some pallet management companies also offer to supply and maintain pallets at reasonable rates. Commercial businesses often need to transport their products. They buy or rent packing crates depending on their business options.

Final thoughts

Today, there are efficient and reliable companies that rent commercial boxes. They also offer other packing materials such as bread trays, food pallet boxes, other types of pallets and collapsible containers for easy and efficient transportation of goods.

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