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15 Best witch anime of all time

witch anime

Witch Anime

W.I.T.C.H. is a French-American animated TV series based on the same name Italian comic book series of the same name. The animated series was created by SIP Animation and was participated in by Jetix Europe, The Walt Disney Company and France Télévisions. W.I.T.C.H. debuted on 18 December 2004, completing the ABC Kids and Jetix blocks on ABC Family and Toon Disney on 23 December 2006 in the US.

The program is followed by five girls, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, who have magical abilities in relation to classical elements such as quintessence, water, fire, land and air, which are used for fulfilling their responsibilities as Veil Guards. The names of the five characters are the same, but the characters are not witches. The program takes place in Heatherfield’s fictitious metropolis with many mythological realms, mainly Meridian.

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Whenever someone mentioned “witch” before I began watching anime, I would picture a rustling old hag with some deadly fruit, or something.

But I simply photograph beautiful ladies riding on the brooms after watching some dozen anime.

In celebrating that development of mental images, we will list down some of your finger’s finest witch-themed animus.

Best Witch Anime Of All Time

1. Maria the Heart of the Virgin

This drama takes place between England and France during the 100 years war and features the witch Maria as the protagonist.

Maria definitely isn’t a fan of the violence. So she begins to interrupt the troops and attempts to bring about peace. How noble, okay?

But suddenly the skies open and warn Maria that if she continues to interfere in human matters she will take away her authority.

Also, the same penalty applies if she loses her virginity. The title is now much more meaningful, isn’t it?

Maria not only tries to maintain peace, she tries to keep it in her trousers as well.

2. Screenshot Black Clover Black Clover animation

This show couldn’t only be about witches, wizards, wizards and everything between them.

But witches are still popping up. Furthermore, everyone is riding on brooms that truly fit the witch’s esthetic.

But if you really want an encounter with a witch simply glance at Vanessa. As representative as they get. She’s a representative. All OK, except maybe drunkenness.

And in the forest of witches there is a whole arc when she is in the light, if it really tickles your fancy.

3. Works of WitchCraft

Witch Craft Works is probably your show if you don’t like the moe, the witch characters, and prefer more of that strong, independent female situation.

The woman lead is a really large witch, who is so dear to her school that she could sell the oxygen she breathes.

On the other side, the male protagonist is not as fortunate. He blends into the background generally. But the two are now linked as luck would have it.

Let’s just say it’s clear who in this relationship wears the broom.

4. Academy of Little Witch

If you want your witches to be incredibly moe, then the Little Witch Academy can’t go wrong.

The storyline is very much like My Hero Academia, where the protagonist does not have any magical abilities, but still enrolls at a magical school and expects to find them out.

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So the drama/comedy element of high school is extremely prominent in the program, of course. However, we also get nice motion and extremely good animation.

It feels like honest mediation. Especially if you perform nice stuff, plus a little magic, into the cute females.

5. Izetta: Last sorcerer

All right, this is the second time that a witch is engaged in a historical battle.

Gemania is trying to conquer a much smaller nation named Elystadt in this scenario.

In addition to having a strange name, the nation also is in danger, as its princess is almost held prisoner.

Fortunately Izetta, the final witch, identifies and rescues the princess.

She vows quickly to use her magic abilities to change the war’s fortunes. And a lot of struggle follows.

6. Witch Burn

Burn the screenshot Witch anime

This film is very recent since it was released in late 2020. Extremely short, but very entertaining, little over one hour.

Surprisingly enough, the program has nothing to do with the Salem Witch Tests. But it’s all about dragons, rather.

Dragons exist on this planet. And they murder a lot of people.

But not everyone can see dragons, and even fewer people can handle them. This is where the witches are coming in. It is their duty to control the dragons as well as possible, so that London is not a ghost city.

7. Flying Witch Anime Flying Witch

Flying Witch is just one of many happy tales of adulthood.

The storyline is very simple: there are witches in the world and witches become autonomous when they’re fifteen years old.

Our protagonist’s tale starts at this young age, and it only follows when she learns about her power and about the world around her.

And because of that enchantment, the world around her is wonderful and sometimes even rather whacky.

8. Witch Robin Hunter

As you may have thought from the title, this program doesn’t include witches going to school or being nice people.

In reality, a special military force typically kills witches on this planet.

Robin, our protagonist, joins one of such units. There’s a twist, though.

Instead of killing them at the moment, her squad decides to capture the witches alive in the hope that they would learn more.

Just explain that witches don’t go down easily, and don’t want to collaborate just because you promise not to kill them.

9. Mary and the Flower of the Witch

You know how it says “cat killed by curiosity?”

Well, how are the platforms… This film begins with Mary’s regular ordinary existence. But she spots a certain cat and pursues it into a neighboring woodland, where she discovers some strange flowers.

The following day she pursues the cat again and finds a broom.

And before you know it she was dropped off for witches in front of a school and had to find out what was going on.

And all because she was intrigued about an anime cat.

10. Magic Puella Magi Madoka

The fact that Magi Madoka might be classed as witch-related or generic magic females is rather ambiguous. But I’ll include it anyway.

Magi Madoka is one of the greatest programs that you can watch in general.

I know it appears to be like your typical magic performance where the power of friendship defeats everyone. But believe me, the reality couldn’t be much further.

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I don’t want to just ruin what’s happening. But let us just say that towards the end the darkness in this drama is certainly more like witches’ tags than magical girls.

11. The Seven Witches and Yamada-kun

Anime Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Now this anime has such a precise concept that I believe that you will know instantly if you like it or not, alone on the basis of the notion.

So, the hook is (and remains here with me) that at Suzaku High there are seven witches, even though they may not know.

How couldn’t they know such a detail?

Because only a kiss can unleash their power.

That’s correct, the storyline was built up after the male protagonist had one of those famous “moments I tricked and landed.”

This ecchi is also for a show with a storyline. The writing is pretty strong in fact. Don’t simply dismiss it as an animated fanservice.

12. The Zero Family

The Zero Family Screenshot

You must understand the protagonist to fully comprehend this show.

Basically, simply picture Noelle of Black Clover, powerful, prideful, and very awful at managing magic. Only here she doesn’t have the aristocratic rank, so all of us make fun of her.

But instead of a ragtag bunch asking her to join the group, our woman MC is rescued by calling an inadvertently powerful acquaintance.

It is also essential to notice that it is not a cat or some kind of fairy that is familiar, but a boy. Can you predict how it ends, can’t you now?

13. Sugar Sugar Rune Sugar Rune animates Sugar Rune.

We get about as low as you can go.

You can only watch a calm animation if life is too hectic. Don’t believe me? Don’t believe me?

This is the whole plot: two witches are also great friends. They compete for Queen’s title, and their goal is to acquire as many human hearts as possible.

But rather than simply pull them out, they travel to the human realm and make some pals. Doesn’t that simply sound like heck to relax?

14. Two bruises

Anime Tweeny Witches

Now it looks like an Alice with witches in the limelight in Wonderland.

Arusu, the protagonist, is transferred to another planet.

A universe in which the strange is hidden in every corner of existence.

There are witches here, but like in our last post on this list, they are far from well-managed.

No, these witches kidnap other animals and do things just for themselves.

Arusu, being the tiny ball of joy and positiveness she is, doesn’t love the whole idea of imprisonment. She is thus trying to alter it.

But, as Americans discovered, it’s not so simple to abolish slavery.

15. Delivery service of Kiki 

Anime Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a genuine masterpiece of Ghibli.

It’s a coming of the titular Kiki’s age, and nothing but lovely.

Kiki is a title witch. In order to become a witch, however, she must travel to another city and essentially move to maturity.

She quickly discovered the unpleasant reality known as rental payments. So she starts a delivery business, riding her broom about.

The film has a lot of heart.

And if you look past the strange aspects and the symbolism, here is a really human tale.

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