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Wondr Note – Notes, Lists, Mood boards, Countdowns & more

Wondr Note
Wondr Note

Why can’t note apps be pretty yet productive. Wondr Note is a unique & creative take on your everyday notes app. It encompassing a couple of little tools, smooth usability and creative design to provide epic awesomeness.

Our team literally sat down and thought about all the little things we need encompassed into a note app that could make it really useful and productive. So what can you do on Wondr Note?

From your weekly shopping list to a countdown to your next big date

Or collecting little poems that you write to having a mood board of your favourite decor ideas and much more!

Check it out:


✓ Make a shopping list for tomorrow
✓ Add widgets of your important lists, agendas or countdowns
✓ Add a checklist of your errands & chores in today’s agenda
✓ Make simple expense accounts of an outing or trip you just returned from
✓ Add all your favourite recipes with a picture and steps in a numbered todo list
✓ Write short stories
✓ Keep diary entries with an image each
✓ Take down bulleted lecture notes and lists
✓ Make a todo list for assignments or homework
✓ Make a countdown of days to your examinations
✓ Create a board with your wishlist of things you want to buy or do
✓ Tag and color all the above
✓ And many more…!


★ Notes
★ Lists with options for checklist, numbering & bullets
★ Basic accounts
★ Mood Boards of images with description
★ Day countdown
★ Widgets (Notes, lists, countdowns, quick-add & today’s agenda)
★ Tags (pick or add your own)
★ Themes
★ Backgrounds (pick or add your own)
★ Share notes to your friends or apps
★ Share info from other apps and save as a note

Add daily agendas

★ Add items from lists & notes into today or future agenda
★ Add new items to daily agendas

Themes, backgrounds & customization

★ Choose from over 20+ themes free and 20+ more premium
★ Beautifully themed throughout the app according to your selection
★ Customize and create your own premium theme
★ Add color to your notes, lists, accounts and countdown
★ Add a feature image to your notes, lists, accounts and countdown
★ Choose from over 20+ backgrounds free and 20+ more premium
★ Add your own background

Other features

★ Drag & drop features to manually organize your notes, lists & more
★ Categorize all items & easily search for them
★ Pick list or grid view
★ Share notes to your friends or apps
★ Share info from other apps and save as a note

Privacy Policy

★ Only you own, and have access to all your data
★ Your data is stored in the internal storage of your device inaccessible by other applications
★ We do not collect or store any data
★ Backup & restore your data in Google Drive (Beta)

Coming Soon

★ Calendar
★ Font customization

Our Vision board App – Ryze & Shine :

For Motivation & Enquiries:

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