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10 Sure Ways To Help Your Kid Succeed in Elementary School

Investing in your child’s education goes beyond choosing the best elementary school for them. Success in school starts at home.

If you have a child in elementary school or you are prepping for the grade school years, you need to know how to best support your child to succeed in school. Read on to learn the ten ways to help your child succeed in elementary school.

1. Set a Routine

They might not know it, but children thrive in structure. Build into your daily plan a structured morning, after school, and evening routine to help your child be successful each day.

Setting proper expectations allows your child to focus on important tasks when they know what is next. Help your child focus on schoolwork with a routine for work and other vital daily dynamics.

2. Be Involved

Invest in your kid’s education with involvement in school activities and programming. Attend back-to-school nights or open houses and teacher conferences to stay in the loop.

As you are involved and aware of your child’s school life, they feel seen and notice that you care about their day-to-day. Feeling invested in helps your child to stay engaged in their education.

3. Know the Curriculum

You should know what your child learns during the school day. When choosing among upstanding public schools or the best private elementary schools, you will want to consider the type of curriculum your child will learn regularly.

Knowing what your child is learning will help you support homework and development from home.

4. Post the School Calendar

At the start of the school year, post the school calendar somewhere you will always see it.

Input calendar dates into your phone calendar, or put the calendar on your refrigerator with a magnet. You want to know when events are during the school year to ensure you are present for your child.

5. Develop Healthy Habits

A solid education and ongoing development start with healthy habits at home. Ensuring your child receives adequate sleep each night can improve concentration and school performance. Children need between ten and twelve hours of sleep each night for their best health.

Diet is another essential factor for your child to succeed each day in school. Send your child to school in the morning with a solid breakfast with nutrient-rich foods to boost concentration and energy.

Lunches should also be a well-rounded meal with protein, fiber, whole grains, and vegetables to keep your child healthy and strong.

6. Create a Study Space

Do you have a designated area in your home for doing homework, reading, and studying? Creating a space with minimal distraction allows your child to have a consistent spot for work and study built with a focus in mind.

Ensure this study space has enough supplies and light to be a productive space for work.

7. Read Together

Your schedule is busy and at the end of the day, you are tired. However, don’t miss out on a daily opportunity for reading with your child.

As your child learns to read, you can assist with blending and identifying words to strengthen their reading skills. For the rest of their life, your child will be reading to learn. So, setting this foundation is critical for success throughout their school years.

This reading time can be sweet before bed or to wrap-up homework time. Don’t forsake this powerful component of your child’s development.

8. Foster Healthy Communication

Open the lines of communication with your child about school. Make sure you know how your child feels about their classroom, friends, teacher, and what they are learning.

Take a pulse on what’s going on inside the classroom. Allow your child to share all thoughts and feelings freely. If you don’t know where the struggles or gaps are, it is harder to offer your child the help they need to succeed.

Make sure to ask various questions to prompt this open communication. Listen carefully and stay engaged in the conversation creating a safe space for your child to share.

9. Offer Support and Encouragement

Navigating school can feel overwhelming for your child. Encourage your kid to learn by offering much-needed praise with accomplishments big and small.

Allow your child to see you celebrate them for their best work and feel encouraged when they are struggling. They need to know that you are in their corner when they succeed and struggle. Remaining present allows your child to do their best while knowing they are always supported.

10. Bring the Learning Home

School is filled with structure, organization, rules, and boundaries to help children succeed. Carry this into your home by teaching these same principles within the walls of your home.

Teach your child to keep their workspace organized and clean for their best focus during homework or reading. Place a high value on your child’s homework completion, and remember that this will help them set what they are learning into stone.

Setting routines and disciplines at home allows for consistency in their education at school and home. Stay in connection with your child’s teacher to know how you can best partner with them at home for the benefit of your child.

Set Your Child Up for Success in Elementary School

As a parent, you have the opportunity to partner with your child for their best success in elementary school. Ensure that your child can be as successful as they can be in the classroom by setting positive routines and habits at home.

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