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13337x- The Most popular website

13337x- The Most popular website

1337x is an excellent website when you are thinking of watching movies. In this pandemic world, it is tough to get above work and life stress. Everything is closed down due to coronavirus and, there is no option available for Leisure. 

It is very challenging to get favorite movies because nowadays. There are OTT platforms that are premium. And, owning every kind of these platforms can be very expensive. But your love for the film cannot be bounded by these premium OTT platforms. Hence, we will like to introduce you to the website that has HD quality movies for free that are available on premium platforms for free.

Suppose you are someone who wants to watch free movies of HD quality without spending a penny. Then this article will help you to find your favorite movies, and it will be free.

People always get confused about which OTT platform to buy. But, having various kinds of OTT platform subscriptions may be expensive. You only needing it for few days can be a bit hard on your pocket—one of the significant downfalls of owning various OTT platforms’ premium version to watch movies. You can’t use two things simultaneously, letting another one sync in terms of wasting money.

Now I want to tell you all about a website or we can say pirated website, which is called by the name 1337x. That is the most popular site, used by people.

What is 13337x?

13337x is one of the most popular BitTorrent file downloading websites. You can download some of the latest movies and web series, tv-series shows and games, music, software, documentaries, anime, and much more for free in HD print but all that are provided without any permission from the copyrighted authorities. 13337x provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links also that are used for peer-to-peer sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. These all entertaining shows, web series, tv shows, etc. are provided as soon as the latter gets released in the theatres or any of the paid websites. This site was developed in the year 2007 but it gained popularity in 2018 right after when all the other competitors sites went down. It was the sixth most popular pirated website as of June 2016.

What are 1337x Movies?

1337x Is a torrent website that allows users to access premium content from different OTT platforms for free. The website is relatively popular among Torrent users and has many benefits. Many of the torrent users recommend it to others because of its accessibility and easy-to-use features. 1337x is a dominant website when it comes to movie downloads and online streaming.

But, this website is relatively harder to access because of various bans and due to its popularity. The government of multiple places is constantly active in banning this website. The website drives the heaviest traffic. It hampers the copyright and legal entity of exclusive movies, releasing them for free.

In this article, we will also discuss how to access 1337x websites through mirrored websites or alternatives. We will also provide different properties that are hundred percent working and, you can use them to access the website easily.

How you can access 13337x? (man website) is blocked in many countries but you can try one of the torrent proxies for full 13337x access are given below.

13337x proxy is tested every hour in a day for availability and sorted by speed and status. There is a list of all unblocked 13337x proxy sites given below.

What are Proxy Sites? List of 1337x Proxy

When the government bans a website, a proxy creates an alternative path to access the website. It is done without being on the server from which the website is forbidden. There are no traces left that you have access to the website because you use a different proxy.

List of 1337x Proxy

1337x proxy helps attain the website from the places which have banned the website to its legal issues. We have a list of proxies that is 100% working.


Here are the top Eight websites that you can opt for 1337x proxies.

What is Mirror Website? Mirrored 1337x Sites

When Government and different servers Ban the main website from accessing, and even proxies are not helpful. The website for its users builds completely similar mirror sites. But, it is done with different links. So that it can’t be tracked by the government, giving you authority to use the same website with a different URL.

It is done this way so that the users find it accessible for the website and they don’t lose track of their favorite website thinking it’s a ban.

List of Mirrored 1337x Sites

1337x has mirrored website, and we will provide you with the list of websites that are hundred percent working.


These were some of the top websites that are measured and hundred percent working for 1337x.

Alternatives and VPN for 1337x

Alternative can be used when you can’t access 1337x and want something similar to it. These websites are other Torrent websites that work in similarities with 1337 x.

Here top three websites that are close to 1337x with easy access ability and fewer ads.

  1. Pirate Bay – This website is very accurate. It has various options and is entirely similar to 1337 x. The movie collection of this website is used, and it has the most straightforward interface. Not only can you download movies but different kinds of audio, games, apk and much more.
  2. ExtraTorrent– It has the most extensive collection and has a vast database of various torrent downloads that makes it more unique and popular. You can use this website when you can’t access 1337 x.
  3. Kickass Torrent– A popular name on the list of Torrent websites. You can surely use this as an alternative because it has friendly access and is user-based.

How to use VPN for 1337x?

To access the VPN, users need to download their favorite VP from the web Extension and keep it on while accessing the 1337x website. It will make you access your favorite webpage within seconds from a different server that has not banned the particular website.

1337X FAQs

  1. Is the website 1337x illegal? 

Yes, the website is unlawful as it counterfeits the copyright of various premium platforms releasing, Exclusive content for free.

2. Can we download and stream movies online?

Yes, the website 1337x supports both the option and in an unlimited manner. So you can stream or download your favorite movies.

3. Is 1337x safe to use?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use, but you have to be cautious because it’s store inside, and there is various malicious traffic junky around.


As you have known about the 1337 x Torrent website. Now it will be helpful for you to access the website for informational purposes. You have to be careful about its uses because it’s an illegal website, and we by any means do not support its services.

This article was entirely for informational purposes.

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