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4 Top Free Form Builder

Free Form Builder

There are so many forms builders on the market today that it can be confusing to pick one. Does the free tool offered by a form creator allow you to build a form with all the features you require? Would a paid plan be more beneficial for you?

As one of the most important aspects of your website and business, you should always ensure that you use the right online form any time you decide to use one.

You should be able to fill out easily, and the forms should do everything you want them to. It should not be too late for your database to be too limited, or that your contact form is not appealing enough to get people to fill it out first.

Some online form builders might be the best for others, but not for you. All of these form builders have been tested and compared by us in order to compile this comprehensive list of the best. Read on to find out which option is right for you.

Online Form Buildingis Easy and Free

Choosing a free form builder without overly restrictive policies is important. On this list, you will find free and paid options, but we will focus on the free options for this article.

#1: JotForm – Thousands of Free Templates

In addition to the tools you get with JotForm, you can accept payments from over 30 different payment providers (but there is a 10 payment limit per month for the free version). There are many widgets in JotForm that allow you to add additional features, including integrations with Dropbox and Google Docs.

Great Feature

  • Flowchart creator for forms. A Drag & Drop builder is available in JotForm. Styles, fonts, backgrounds, and color schemes can be easily customized.
  • Template. Free templates are available in the amount of over 10,000 (if I understood correctly). It is possible to select literally dozens of forms in popular categories such as registration forms, signup forms, testimonials, and contact forms.
  • Mobile form. With JotForm Mobile Forms, you can complete forms on the move using your mobile device. Various options can also be provided to users, such as the ability to scan barcodes.

#2: Google Forms – One of the Most Versatile Online Forms Available for Free

Filling out an online form is simple with Google Forms, especially if you’re already familiar with Google’s other apps.

Great Feature

  • There is integration with Google Sheets. Instead of a local database, the form submissions are automatically stored in Google Sheets, which makes tracking and sharing form submissions simple.
  • Logic that is conditional. Basic conditional logic is supported by Google Forms. Therefore, the questions that are sent to people may be adapted according to the answers you previously provided.
  • An add-on. Many additional features are available, including formLimiter (to limit the number of submissions) and Form Notifications (which lets you customize the emails you receive).

#3: Zoho Forms Offers a Wide Variety of Field Types and Numerous Features

Forms is a part of the Zoho suite of apps, which also includes customer relationship management (CRM), email, accounting, and document management. Even the free plan can send form items to a custom database automatically because the platform integrates well with third-party apps like Zapier.

Great Feature

  • Rule. You can create conditions and rules for specific fields, forms, and pages in Zoho Forms. Whenever certain responses are received, Zoho Forms will take specific actions. Using the screenshot below, I created a rule which takes people to a page explaining the new GDPR rules if they do not check the consent checkbox at the email subscription form.
  • Field type. In addition to geolocation, decision boxes, file upload fields, formulas, multiple choice, radio buttons, and checkboxes, there are more than 30 field types to pick from. Zoho Forms allows you to create as many form fields as you like.
  • Here is as well as automatically e-mailing form responses, you can also send a confirmation message to the visitor’s e-mail address.or’s email address. Few freeform creators offer this feature.

#4: Sendinblue – Best Form Builder in Online Marketing

Sendinblue’s functionality extends beyond just creating forms. Integrated with email marketing and advertising, this platform helps you reach your customers online. Form building is actually included in the feature (and it’s free!).

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Subscriber and unsubscriber forms as well as forms to update customer profiles can be created. We offer unlimited contact collection and form creation with our free plan. Templates are not available, but you can change the background and fonts, add images and resize the form.

Great Feature

  • Subscription fields for multiple lists. Adding a field for your visitors to choose the list they would like to subscribe to, will allow you to offer different mailing lists for a variety of needs and interests. You’ll be able to simplify the signup process and provide a better user experience (UX) to your visitors by eliminating the need for multiple signup forms.
  • A property with unlimited possibilities. Whenever you create a subscription form, you can include attributes on that form that relate to specific information that you want stored in your contacts list. A first name, last name, SMS, and email address are all predefined attributes. Since the editor only offers a limited number of form fields, you can use attribute tags to add new fields. By adding a MESSAGE attribute to a signup form, you can transform it into a contact form.
  • Consent is double opted-in for GDPR compliance. GDPR data processing regulations must be followed for this form field. For new subscribers, a confirmation email must be sent with a link to click. The property list for this field needs to have a boolean property, but here is a step-by-step guide to help.

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