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5 Reasons to Surf the Internet on Chrome Incognito Mode

Surf the Internet on Chrome Incognito Mode

Internet users at least once in their lives heard about the private mode of the browser titled “incognito.” Its features allow you to visit any site, including dark web links, relatively safely since all cookies and history are deleted after the session ends. Does it make sense to use this mode more often and for what?

1) Privacy when using third-party devices 

When using someone else’s PC or smartphone, incognito mode will come in handy. In this way, you can protect personal information, especially data for authorization on sites. This is especially true when visiting an Internet cafe, or if you borrowed a smartphone from a stranger.

2) Bypass paywalls on some sites 

Often, there are sites where you have to pay for access to quality content. There is also a limited free version. In some cases, these restrictions can be circumvented by manipulating cookies. Since they are not saved in private mode, after closing the window and reopening it, the site will not always be able to determine that you have already visited it.

3) Secret gifts 

The whole family often has access to a computer or any other device with an Internet connection. But what if you need to order a gift for a relative without their knowledge? Just use incognito mode! And don’t forget to use your account on shopping sites.

4) Checking search results 

It is no secret that the search engine selects search results according to the user’s activity on the Internet. If you don’t want to use this function, the private mode will help. This life hack is especially relevant for people who spend a lot of time on the Internet for work-related matters. An alternative option is to use different accounts for work and personal life. In addition, the incognito mode allows you to use multiple accounts at the same time.

5) Opting out of targeted ads 

Private Browsing doesn’t block ads from appearing, but it also means that your searches won’t be affected by your previous search preferences. Google collects information from all over to match ads to you, and if you want to avoid that, the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + N is your way out of this situation.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the convenience of using incognito mode for website developers. To test the operation of the site or software, using the private mode will allow you to experience a clean user experience as cookies and cache are not stored after the session ends.

Despite all the benefits, the incognito mode will not give you complete anonymity. Access to visited sites is open to your Internet provider, Wi-Fi owner, and those who monitor the IP address of a PC or smartphone. When you log into an account in private mode, any activity of the user is recorded.

Browsers that offer private mode often go to great lengths to emphasize that this is not universal protection. At best, this provides a subtle layer of privacy for people working from their private home networks.

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