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5 Strategies To Get Free Instagram Views

Get Free Instagram Views
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What’s the first thing you should do if you are starting over on Instagram as a brand?

You should obtain a large number of Instagram followers quickly.

Shortcuts like buying followers or utilizing bots are no longer viable options. 

These tactics may increase your followers temporarily, but they will not be used to your advantage in the long term.

That’s because the only Instagram followers that are actually useful are those who care about and engage with your brand.  A fake follower count may boost your ego, but it won’t help your Instagram marketing strategy.

That’s why instead of trying to buy more views for instagram if you try a few honest tactics, your Insta marketing strategy will be far more effective.

How Are Instagram Views Counted?

If a user sees your video for 3 seconds, your post will get one view.

Since Instagram gives enough priority to user interaction more than mere likes and shares, it will be considered engaging if someone sees your post for more than 3 seconds.

On the other hand, if the user scrolls over your post in one second, the Insta authority assumes it is uninteresting.

Hence, 3 is the Magic Number for counting Instagram views.

How To Get Free Instagram Views?

The more followers you get on Instagram, the more views your posts will receive. Hence, the only strategy to get free Instagram views is to get more followers. 

But that’s not an easy milestone either.

Let’s find out some practical tips here:

1: Have A Thoughtful Marketing Strategy

You’ll need a well-thought-out strategy to make the most of any social media platform.

Increasing your Instagram followers is a good place to start. However, having many followers isn’t enough to make an Instagram account successful. 

Increasing your following should be part of a bigger strategy that ties to your business strategy and social marketing goals.

  • Consider why you want to gain more Instagram followers.
  • Keeping your Instagram account consistent can help you stay focused on these business-oriented aims.
  • It will help you share your brand story in a compelling manner that will visually appeal to your target audience and will increase your followers and views, in turn.

2: Be Consistent With Your Brand Story 

If you want to promote your business as aspirational, you could show off your consumers’ lifestyles or accomplishments.

Whatever you do, you have to be consistent. Once you select a particular way to promote your brand, you must stick to it.

Your posts should be immediately identifiable by your audience at a glance. 

Consider your Instagram grid as a single entity. Of course, you can always utilize Instagram Stories to showcase content you like but that doesn’t necessarily fit your Insta fee’s style.

3: Use Relevant Hashtags

Your Instagram posts’ text isn’t searchable. However, hashtags do show up in Instagram searches. 

As a result, using hashtags intelligently can be an excellent approach to gain free Instagram followers and free Instagram views.

Including relevant hashtags in your content can help people locate it after searching or clicking on a hashtag from another relevant article. 

You can use up to 30 hashtags in an Instagram post, but quality over number is frequently the most effective strategy.

4: Use Searchable Keywords In Your Posts

People must first find you on Instagram before they can follow you. 

Only a small portion of the text (name and username) is searchable. 

Your Instagram handle is your username. It’s a good idea to make it the same as your other social media handles, making it easier for people to locate you. 

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Use your brand name or a version of it that people are likely to type into a search engine when looking for your company. 

We don’t recommend using keyword stuffing, but it is a smart approach to make your Instagram handle pop up on the search bar 

5: Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Non-followers account for two-thirds of all Instagram company profile visits. However, those new visitors may become free Instagram followers if your bio and profile persuade them to do so. 

If your profile is vague, incomplete, or unpleasant, they will not do so.

Your profile must include your website and your bio, in addition to the name and username boxes given above.

Make the most of your bio’s 150 characters to explain your business identity and convince new visitors to follow you. If you are successful in this attempt, you will gain plenty of views on your Insta posts.

From Another Point Of View!!!

You may not understand what the Instagram view is all about, but it is one of the best ways to promote your brand on social media.

No, it’s not easy.

This is why we have mentioned the importance of getting enough Insta followers here so that you get enough views and get on with your brand promotion.

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