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Imginn: Watch Instagram Stories, Photos, Video, Anonymously


Do you ever want to view a story on Instagram and don’t want them to know that you did? We have a website for you that will do this for you. 

That would be Imginn. This popular website allows you to download and retrieve data from Instagram.  

In this article, we will tell you all the fun facts about Imginn and all of its capabilities and limitations. 

What is Imginn?

Imginn is an online platform that allows the user to anonymously watch and download data such as images and videos from Instagram. The best part about this app is that the user can use all of its features and the person whose pictures you’re watching and downloading will not have any idea about it.

There are some limitations to using Imginn but these small things do not affect its huge capabilities. The user of Imginn cannot like or share other people’s content on Instagram.

Other than that, you will not be able to like others people’s posts with the use of Imginn. Imginn is getting more popular day by day. For its anonymity, people are loving it. 

How does Imginn Work?

Imginn uses something called an API. Instagram has made its API public for all the internet. Imginn uses Instagram’s public API to allow the users to view and download stories and posts from other Instagram accounts. 

How does Imginn Work
Image Source: Pixabay

Imginn comes with a lot of useful features that really come in handy when you use the app. 

Further in this article, we will talk more about these features. But first, let us tell you about the usage of this website. You may be wondering that a website like this will be much harder to use but that’s where you’re wrong. It is easy. 

How to Use Imginn?

Since we know that Imginn is a popular website among web surfers, the developers made sure that everyone is comfortable with its UI. If you want to watch and view an Instagram account’s content anonymously, you can use Imginn for this purpose. 

Here is a compiled list of steps that you can take to view the public profiles on Instagram. 

Steps to Use Imginn

  1. Open a web browser
  1. Enter “Imginn” in the search bar of the browser 
  1. You can also open Google first and then search on Google for more convenience and optimized search results
  1. Open the first link ( ) after ads, it will consist of a URL to the Imginn website
  1. After the Imginn website is loaded, you will see a search bar on the site
Image Source: Imginn Website
  1. Type any Instagram public account whose stories and posts you want to view, and press search. 
  1. Their Instagram account will be in front of you, you can even view their stories anonymously.

Features of Imginn

Now that we know how to use the website and its features, let’s talk about all the features this website has to offer to its users. Here’s a brief list of features offered by Imginn:

  • Users can view someone’s stories anonymously
  • The user is able to download these stories anonymously
  • You can view the posts of an Instagram account without them knowing
  • You can download these posts as well
  • All kinds of posts, whether photo or video can be downloaded
  • It even allows you to backup these posts (you will have to do that yourself though)

Limitations of Imginn

Instagram is a very popular social media platform as we all know. Even though Instagram is allowing us to use some of its features by providing us its public API, there is still so much Imginn cannot do.  

Imginn can do a lot of things but there are some limitations to using this website. Below is the list of all the things Imginn cannot do, or to put it formally, the limitations of Imginn:

A private account cannot be stalked: 

First things first, if you expect Imginn to stalk a private account for you, you’re expecting too much from this website. 

Imginn does not have the capability to view a private account’s posts or stories. Its sole purpose is to view stories, pictures, or videos posted by a public account. 

You cannot like a post:

Imginn does not allow its users to post or like someone’s content whether it be videos or simple posts containing images. 

Imginn is being used by a lot of people online. This website has been getting a lot of attention and viewers lately thanks to its incomparable features. Due to its high visiting volume, there have been a lot of questions about imginn lately. And don’t worry, we will cover all of the questions you have in mind.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Imginn

Is Imginn Safe?

Since Imginn is a third-party website, we cannot say for sure. If you’re surfing this website and worry about your safety on the internet, we do not guarantee your safety online and neither does Imginn. 

imginn is a third-party website that uses Instagram’s public API to allow all of its features to work. It does use Instagram’s official public API but still, we are not sure of its safety. 

How to Be Safe When Using Imginn?

As goes for all the websites that are a potential threat to your online existence, we always recommend you to use a VPN. Not just an ordinary VPN but use a service that is well known for its services. 

You should always choose a good and credible VPN because not only will you be safe surfing Imginn, but also you will be bombarded with the most exclusive features that a good VPN has to offer. 

Can Imginn Hack Your Data?

According to use, you are definitely vulnerable to being hacked. The reason why is that their safety score is too low when we review this site online using different tools. 

There’s actually something strange when you come across this website. All of their owner’s details and information are missing from the website. There’s no privacy policy, just a minimal UI that allows you to stalk Instagram profiles. 

Imginn actually exists and is fully operational because it earns its revenue through ads. When you open this site, you will come across some ads at some point. 

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The good thing about Imginn is that you can view profiles without having to put any of your information on the website. You don’t have to fill in any lengthy forms or to sign up for just a mere single use.

How can I see someone’s story on Instagram without an account?

You can use Imginn to see someone’s story without an account. Imginn is a website that allows you to view and download stories on an Instagram account without having to put any information or login to any account. 

The user will not be able to see and know if you viewed their stories. Imginn is basically for stalking purposes. 

Is Insta Story Anonymous?

No, Insta Stories are tracked by Instagram. If someone posts their story on Instagram, they will be able to know who viewed their story. Imginn is a website used to anonymously view an Instagram story without having the user know who saw their story. 

How Do I Download My Instagram Photos?

You can download your Instagram stories and photos by using Imginn. You can put your username on the imginn website, and you will be able to download all your photos and videos. 

Not only that, but you can also download someone else’s photos and videos using Imginn. Just follow the same steps as you did for downloading photos and videos from your own account. 

Since we know that Imginn is a useful website without a doubt, there are some users who have reported that there are some better alternatives of imginn. 

Next, we will talk about the best alternatives to Imginn.

Best Alternatives of Imginn


This website allows some of the explicit features that none others do. It allows the users to find the GPS location of the concerned Instagram account. It has tons of other features that can be used easily. For starters and its new users, it allows them to use the basic features for free. 

Also, it has all the other features that imginn offers, just more. 


This website is also known best for its countless features. Just like imginn, you can watch someone’s Instagram stories anonymously. You can also download photos and videos of an Instagram account. 

This website comes with plenty of other useful features and too, for free. SmiHub even allows the user to increase followers of your Instagram account. This too, for free. 


This service is unlike any other out there. There are not so many websites that come with a useful feature of viewing Instagram stories of a private account as well as a public one. 

Like other platforms and websites, you just have to put the username of the targeted Instagram account and Qoob Stories will take of all of your needs when stalking an account. 


Instalker is a very convenient and easy-to-use website, especially for stalking purposes. They have all the useful features that a user needs from a website of such kind. Instalker is free to use and users can use and access all of its features without having to pay any fee to the website. 

Lastly, like any other site, you just need to put the username of the person you want to stalk and you will be able to do that easily. It allows you to watch someone’s Instagram stories for free and without them knowing. 


Imginn is a pretty good website if you want to stalk an Instagram profile without being noticed. Your purpose can also be to use imginn just to view someone’s Instagram profile or just their story. And imginn does all of this conveniently. 

Apart from some limitations, imginn comes with tons of good features that come in handy.

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