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5 Techniques To Increase Views For Your YouTube Videos

5 Techniques To Increase Views

Have you been creating video content for a while, but still struggling to find an audience?  You might feel a little frustrated, but that’s only natural. Every big YouTube celebrity started from scratch, so don’t lose hope!

To begin with, YouTube is a site dedicated to showcasing and providing new content for people interested in the world of entertainment. It’s like a community hub where videos are shared across platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. 

How Does YouTube Count Views?

  There are many ways YouTube counts views:

  • Every time a viewer plays a video and watches it for 30 seconds is counted as one view. 
  • Rewatching a video also counts. (You read that right—YouTube detects and counts a viewer screening your video over and over.)
  • When you watch your own video, that’s also counted as a view.
  • YouTube also counts views from videos embedded and shared to other platforms, such as Facebook.
  • Live views are also considered as a view count.

Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day, and billions of people view them globally—some even download them using YouTube video downloaders—so, it’s a challenge to keep up with the competition. But, with some effort and strategy, you can become successful.

Here are five surefire tips on how you can improve your views and get more people hitting like on your videos and subscribing to your channel in no time:

1. Figure Out And Focus On Your Niche

The first thing to do is to identify your niche. Don’t just focus on something like a popular music video; look at your niche and what you’re good at doing. Do what you love to do, and it shouldn’t matter if it isn’t in the same industry as everyone else.

If you’re good at something, you should embrace it. It could be anything from singing a duet with a friend to taking a class that involves drawing or painting. Find something you love and make yourself happy doing it, then share it with people. If you’re passionate about it, people will enjoy watching your content and subscribe to your channel because you inspire them to become passionate about the things they love as well.

However, if your goal in using YouTube is to up your branding and marketing game in your industry, you might want to use a YouTube bot to help you boost your play counts, engagements, and watch time. 

2. Engage Your Audience With Must-See Video Titles

Use your knowledge of the topic at hand and create a title that you think would interest the viewers most. Make sure the title doesn’t include an explicit reference to the subject of the video; it could even be a teaser. Some people may not know this already, but, sometimes, you need to use some context to bring the topic into focus.

For example, you might say, ‘Learn About How Your Body Works.’ This one’s great, but there’s always room for interpretation. Instead, you may use titles like ‘Why We Have No Idea What Our Skin Is Made Of.’

Always remember that titles can make or break your videos. Even when you’ve thoughtfully worked on a particular video, someone else might decide to skip ahead before viewing it because they didn’t find the title interesting enough.

3. Optimize Your Content Visibility

Aside from using engaging titles, video optimization is also a must if you want your content to be seen by the entire YouTube community.

YouTube uses keywords, tags, and other algorithms to rank content, like any search engine. To increase your video’s ranking, you may use YouTube SEO practices, such as:

  • Including keywords in your titles and description
  • Mentioning these keywords in your actual video (but, be careful not to overstuff your video with keywords)
    • Encouraging your audience to hit like, post a comment, and share your content, as this helps rank your videos on the results page
    • Utilizing video categories to help YouTube understand and reach your target audience
  •  Using tags to create more context for your video

4. Showcase An Attractive Thumbnail

In addition, customizing your thumbnails also plays a significant role in promoting your channel and encouraging the audience to actually view your videos.

If you don’t customize your thumbnail, YouTube will snatch any screenshot from your video and use it as the thumbnail. It can be anything from a blurry to an unappealing angle or transition, which you most likely won’t be happy about.

Customizing your thumbnail gives you the freedom to get creative and make your video more interesting. Plus, it gives your audience the vibe and branding that the creator is a pro who knows what they’re doing.

5. Build An Interactive Viewer-Creator Relationship

Creating healthy interaction and relationships with your audience is vital for audience engagement. This method results in the most realistic, sustainable, and organic views you can get. 

The best practices include:

  • Replying to viewer comments
  • Running a contest and offering surprises or giveaways
  • Making reaction or commentary videos
  • Collaborating with other video creators
  • Sharing your videos to other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like)

Final Thoughts

If you’re in for the next level as a YouTube creator, follow these five techniques and get ready to witness a massive boost in your views and subscriptions in no time.


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