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5 Ways To Celebrate Anniversary With Different Roses

Roses are the flowers that have become the universal icon of expressing love and passion. Presenting a single rose flower or a bunch of them to your loved one always conveys your true love. They are the first choice of every lover as a gift for their partner because they are by far considered the most romantic flowers of all types. Whether it is a first date, marriage proposal, or anniversary, roses are perfect for every occasion.

Out of all, anniversaries are one of the most precious days for couples. And when an anniversary is about to come, everyone considers getting a sweet and sentimental gift for their partner.

Roses are said to be the perfect anniversary flowers as they are classic and vibrant as well. Roses come in a wide array of colors and types, so one can choose a different rose flower every time to celebrate their anniversary in a new way.

So, here is a guide with five different recommendations of roses, which will help you plan an anniversary celebration and make it a memorable event for your lifetime.

1. Red Roses

Red roses are the perfect symbol of love, romance, and respect. These are the classic flowers for gifting to a significant person. Just plan a beautiful Candle-light dinner for your partner and present a fresh bouquet of red roses to mark your anniversary celebration. Use our Lancaster-CA flower delivery services to get the best bouquet of flowers for the love of your life and make them happy.

2. White Roses

White roses symbolize a calm and subtle feeling of love. Their immense beauty is eye-pleasing and can attract anyone to admire them forever. White roses are the appropriate flower to gift on the first anniversaries, as they are also a sign of remembrance and memory.

3. Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are said to represent the feeling of joy and happiness. Their brightness is compared with the sunshine, which complements the charisma of a person. A bunch of freshly-bloomed yellow roses is enough to bring happiness to the face of your partner. You can avail a beautiful set of these roses from one of our Lancaster-CA flower shops and gift them to your loved ones.

4. Pink Roses

These flowers are the gentler version of red roses. Pink roses carry a serene message of admiration and affection. Nothing else could be better than presenting pink roses to your loved one on the early morning of your anniversary and starting the day with a happy event. Use our Lancaster-Ca florist shops to send a beautiful combination of flowers to your family and loved ones.

5. Orange roses

Orange roses are also called the fiery flowers of this family. Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm, passion, and dedication. The warmth of this flower can be felt from a distance, and no one can ignore it. An evening picnic with a bunch of orange roses could become your perfect anniversary moment.


There are about 150 varieties of roses, and you can pick anyone or all of them to present a perfect gift for your love partner. Choose a different type for each anniversary, and you would never run out of options. Roses would always add a unique essence to your celebration, and their presence will attract a wholesome and happy vibe. And as said, simple roses presented with true feelings are more pleasing and valuable than other expensive gifts. Explore all of SnapBloom’s exquisite range of products directly from our website.

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