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5 ways to prevent tech support scams

5 ways to prevent tech support scams

Computer viruses and cloud security are becoming more and more at risk. Malware or similar viruses are also in a frightening stage. Hackers accessing your computer or your account online want to trick you with a variety of methods. Scams in the name of this kind of tech support have been active for many years. They basically do this kind of scam by saying that your computer or mobile device or internet is at risk. They basically want to find out the details of your bank or such confidential information by using this type of scam. Then it tries to harm you in many ways.

These scams usually happen in the name of pop-up alerts on computers or mobile or through phone calls. However, they also try to trap you with interesting messages via email. People who are very experienced or new to computers or the internet are usually caught in their scams. At first, ordinary users may not even realize that they are being scammed. But gradually a lot of information gets into their hands and the money from the bank also goes into their pockets.

Do you get such unwanted phone calls or emails but don’t know how to protect yourself from this type of scam? Today’s discussion is about how to get rid of such pop-ups or phone calls or other kinds of traps.

Do you want to know in detail how to get rid of tech support scams? Then this article is supportive for you. Let’s take a look at the 5 most well-known ways to protect yourself from tech support scams without delay.

5 ways to prevent tech support scams

In the United States alone, there are more than 200,000 computer or phone call scams every year that are on the rise. Moreover, there are accounts from other parts of the world. So I will discuss what steps you can take to protect yourself from such scams.

Way – #1. Beware of virus pop-ups

First of all, when you run the internet on your computer or mobile, the most common scam victims on various websites are warning messages through pop-ups. Most of the time it is a download-dependent pop-up or virus scan or something like that. Most of these are scams and they have access files to your device that when you click or download or install they lose important information on your device or passwords used on that device or such confidential information. So the easiest way to avoid such scams is to avoid them. It is better to get out of there without being afraid of those viruses. If you still have doubts, you can scan the computer with the antivirus used on your PC. But don’t click on those links. Then you will be safe.

Way – #2. Stay away from interesting emails

This is part of a more popular scam. The Email comes here with interesting offers. Usually, these emails are actually in the spam folder but this type of mail is also seen in your primary folder for the ever-new method of scammers. The way to get rid of it is very easy. And if that is the case, do not open this type of email after seeing the subject. Even if you open it, don’t click on the links that will be there. Again some emails ask you to provide your personal information. You can fall into that trap. Their job is to attract you with many kinds of tempting offers. Whenever you fall into their trap, they will try to seduce you in various ways. So don’t share your personal information or click on any link without someone you personally know.

Way – #3. Beware of any unverified phone calls

Now another type of scam is very popular and that is to make a phone call in the name of a popular brand. They will ask you for a secret code that is coming to your phone or your personal information. They are very clever and you can hardly understand that they are not real business representatives. They do such scams saying you will have a problem and so on. Their footsteps are constantly increasing.

The way to survive from them is also very easy. Don’t give them any personal information, no matter how nicely they talk without the verified number. If necessary, you will go to the relevant office the next day and come with the information. Yet this kind of phone call has no information of its own. Do not share passwords, PINs, or codes. If you say that you will suffer a great loss, you will say that I will come to your office tomorrow with information, but I will not give you any information. Even if you want to give information by calling the verified number of the concerned bank or institution, still stay away from them.

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Way – #4. Do not give anyone else access to your device

Do not give anyone else access to your phone, laptop, or computer. You should not give access to anything to anyone close to you by opening your personal apps or software. As far as possible you should work from the front if you are in any danger. Moreover, when you need to pay for phone or computer servicing, you will log out all the apps you use. If you need to uninstall the apps or software. Only then will you be able to protect yourself from scams.

Way – #5. Keep security software up to date

The last step is to always keep the security antivirus used on your device up to date. Try to use premium service antivirus. Also, keep all the apps and software used on your PC or mobile updated. According to the IT support team of Linden Tech, thus you can protect yourself from virus attacks or scams.


You can protect yourself from tech support scams if you follow the above five things properly. It may be difficult to understand if you are a new user but if you keep yourself updated according to this content then there will be no problem. Hopefully, you can keep yourself safe from scams in the name of tech support.


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