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6 Coffee Packaging Trends That’ll Dominate in 2024

6 Coffee Packaging Trends That’ll Dominate in 2024

If anyone thought that everything that came along with the COVID-19 pandemic would reduce coffee consumption, they’ve been proven dead wrong. Despite being restricted from going to their favorite coffee spots, people have still found ways to get the perfect cup of coffee at any time of day, right at home.

With this phenomenon, the demand for coffee beans has grown. Consequently, multiple retailers have had to rethink their coffee packaging methods. In a bid to keep up with their competition, they’ve had to up the ante on more than one aspect. Excellent packaging should take care of the beans’ freshness and brand image.

Coffee packaging that considers branding as the main goal stands a better chance of establishing brand loyalty with customers. As coffee brands seek to create more memorable consumer experiences, similarities and trends will inevitably arise.

Here are six of the trends we feel will dominate the coffee market in 2024:

Serenity in Packaging

With the chaos that accompanied the last few years, everyone is trying to find peace and calm everywhere. In 2024, companies will try to reflect this in their packaging.

Coffee packaging will see more light and calming shades of color with simple wording and soft typefaces. The goal is to match the tranquil and positive thoughts that come with coffee to the packaging.

Eccentric Text-Centric Design

Good packaging design doesn’t have to have images and illustrations. In 2024, typography will be more dominant on the packaging. The fonts will be intricate and artistic, being more aesthetic than readable.

Expect to see vibrant and contrasting font colors, trying to communicate the unique qualities certain coffee brands offer.

Y2K Aesthetic

The Y2K aesthetics typical of the late 90s and early 2000s are re-emerging in fashion and packaging.

The trend is most recognizable from its pink neons and pale blue against white and silver backdrops, along with geometric shapes that give it all an edge. The nostalgia and futurism in its style give it a distinctive charm making it popular among consumers.

Eco-Friendly Raw Materials

According to a recent report, the protection of the environment is the leading concern of Generation Z shoppers. These shoppers will be looking to hold the brands they buy from accountable in 2024. Therefore, businesses will be looking to use recyclable, compostable, and ethical materials for packaging this year.

You can also expect the use of minimal elements printed on off-white backdrops of packaging with earthy textures. These packaging choices reflect a dedication to environmental sustainability.

 Cut ‘n’ Paste Layering of Colors

Cut ‘n’ paste color layering is a trend that will pick up pace in 2024 as coffee brands adopt the use of collages.

As 2021 ended, packaging companies were layering colors, creating ripped paper effects, geometric shapes, raw textures, and anything that would bring out the ambiance of recycled materials. This is a subtle style with a vast range of possibilities.

 Mischief Illustrated

Like with the serenity trend, illustrating mischief will be a trend that looks to change up the somber atmosphere of the last couple of years.

Many brands will try to inject some child-like impishness into their packaging designs. In 2024, 2D characters will become more dominant on packaging for added brand personality and light-heartedness.

Bottom Line: How to Adapt

By now, you must have realized that the trends in best coffee packaging are mostly affected by changes in consumer behaviors and preferences. As shopping shifts more toward eCommerce over brick-and-mortar stores, businesses are looking to compensate for the lack of physical contact in transactions in various ways. Some of these ways have packaging at their center.

When coffee brands work on their packaging with consumer behavior in mind, they can significantly improve user experience and customer loyalty. Coffee drinkers will appreciate the efforts to accommodate them. Go ahead and incorporate the trends that you feel will favor your brand.

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