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6 Perks of Office Hoteling for Shared Workspaces

office hoteling

Office hoteling involves employees booking workspaces such as offices, meeting rooms, desks, or cubicles the same they would book a hotel room. This allows employees the freedom to choose where they want to work and who they want to close with.

But if you’re a business owner interested in adopting this sort of arrangement, you don’t have to worry about investing in more office space. Office hoteling is a viable solution you should consider to help you make your workspace a lot more flexible for your employees.

Here is a list of six benefits you can expect from adopting office hoteling practices within your company.

1. Encourages Collaboration

When every employee can access office space and resources rather than being allocated depending on their rank, they can be more productive and open to collaboration.

You’ll find that office hoteling creates a teamwork culture that develops organically with time. People can choose to work in a quiet space, while others might need to sit together as a group.

2. Is a More Affordable Solution

One of the key benefits of office hoteling is the low overheads it provides. Office hoteling can help you reduce your energy use, utility costs such as electricity, and even less square footage, which means paying less in rent.

The less a company spends on overheads, the more money it will have to invest back into the business.

3. Employees Can Access Office Resources Equally

Office hoteling allows each employee on a level playing field regardless of rank in that they can access workspaces, office equipment, and other resources.

So, if a group wants to meet the next day, they can reserve several desks close to each other or a conference room.

4. Encourages Employee Morale

Office hoteling gives employees some sort of control over how their workspace is planned out. Their opinions can help make the workspace a lot more efficient, and by considering their input, they can feel important in the company, thus boosting their morale.

5. Ideal for Remote Workers

Office hoteling allows employees to adopt a remote working arrangement, especially at this time of the Covid-19 pandemic when companies are being urged to adopt a remote work culture.

This means companies can limit the number of workers in the office as a social distancing measure, and employees can book working space only when they need to.

6. Better Space Utilization

Office hoteling software can provide high-value insight and reports into how many work desks there are and how employees use them. This way, companies can make well-guided decisions without affecting employee work processes, such as either increasing or reducing the number of desks.

Winding It Up

Companies are realizing that a flexible workspace can be of great benefit and are gradually transitioning into flexible office space arrangements. Yes, having a permanent seat in the office can be really stabilizing, but the data behind office layouts indicates otherwise.

Having your employees working where they want, seated next to who they want, can make them more productive as they can communicate and collaborate with ease.

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