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9 Best Cyberpunk Anime of All Time

Cyberpunk Anime
Cyberpunk Anime

Hollywood sheds light on one of the most popular anime genres with the next release of the live action film Ghost in the Shell: Cyberpunk. But what is this famous science fiction genre? Simply said, technical progress is at the heart of society and social problems such as racism, drug addiction and immigration are ignored.

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Films such as Total Recall, Blade Runner and 12 monkeys were pioneers in cyberpunk live action. By examining subjects such as dystopia and futuristic technology they have acquired such a reputation. Together with numerous novels and comics, these films broadened the genre and its themes – noir, detective, and society’s deconstruction – into other films and series.

The popularity of cyberpunk in the 1980s and the 1990s also became one of the most popular kinds of animation in Japanese culture. There have been so many cyberpunk animations that it was impossible to choose just the 10 finest perceptions of high fans (no fans) about the genre.

Read on to discover the finest cyberpunk animation that has brought innovative and impactful animation to everyone.

Best Cyberpunk Anime of All Time

Read on to discover the finest cyberpunk animation that has brought innovative and impactful animation to everyone.

1. GHost in the shell Ghost

  • Release Year: 1995
  • Manager: Mamoru Oshii

The long anticipated live-action adaptation has come, making Ghost one of the most recognized titles on our list easily in the Shell. In 2029, the technological advancements, such as synthetic bodies, known as shells, took center stage in Masamune Shirow and Mamoru Oshii’s world.

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Even with improved technology, crime, especially cyber warfare, is still increasing. The government thus created a special attack squad, Section 9 of the Security Police. Led by Motoko Kusanagi, section 9 is on the pursuit of the hacker Puppet Master, one of the most elusive cyber criminals. Puppet Master, however, pulls Motoko into a realm of corporate and political corruption.

Ghost in the Shell is considered one of the biggest anime movies of all time, visually beautiful and unbelievably impactful. Ghost in the Shell is acclaimed for its animation and tackles subjects like self-identity and procreation in a world in which sexual reproduction has given place to mechanical duplication.

Therefore, the disadvantages are highlighted when a society emphasizes technical progress without considering social issues. There have been many sequences and TV spin-offs to the Shell, but the original movie remains the greatest.


  • Release Year: 1998
  • Episodes number: 13

Serial Experiments Lain, released in the late 1990s, follows the uncomfortable and shy 14-year-old Lain, who has, unlike her colleagues, neither desire or expertise to deal even with simple technologies.

However, when she receives an email from a late fellow student who committed suicide, she goes inside The Wired, a realm of identity, awareness and perception that takes on a whole new meaning.

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Written by Chiaki J. Konaka, which has additional works like Texhnolyze – also included in this list – Lain is a fascinating series that encourages the spectator to understand the events themselves. It’s finished and the series itself is up for interpretation and is too excellent for this list to reveal. Confide in us, Lain’s worth your time.


  • Release Year: 1993
  • Episodes number: 2

Doc Ido – a cyber-physician – is in a dystopian future where the finest and brightest of these people dwell in a heap of trash. Admiring his new discovery, Doc Ido revives and reconstructs the cyborg, giving it the Alita moniker. However, can Alita live a regular existence in a world where thugs and bounty hunters roam free?

Despite just two episodes, the Angel Alita a.k.a. Gunnm Battle is a great illustration of a breakdown of civilization as a result of technological advancements. Society is divided into the haves of Zalum in this new planet, and the nodes are Scrap Iron City, where Alita resides.

Where those who wish to survive and aspire for a brighter future must stroll through Zalum’s trash. In addition to showing a post-apocalyptic world, Gunnm has a certain raw emotion, particularly between Alita and the human Yugo. James Cameron once tapped into a movie, but it never came together, so this animated adaptation of the manga is the closest you will get.


  • Release Year: 1988
  • Katsuhiro Otomo Director:

You probably heard that you grew up in the 90s, since it was one of the world’s most renowned animal exports. In 2019, Akira portrays a dystopian, cyberpunk-based Tokyo and his gang-leader, Shotaro Kaneda. The government sees Tetsuo as a danger to their secret experiment and prisoner, Akira, due to new psychological talents.

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Blood and brutality are strongly shown in Akira, but it is the animation and the music which has gained great fame and culture in the cyberpunk anime. Akira has improved the view of anime in the West in the 1990s. Not only that, Akira has had a role in many live action films and shows outside of Japan, including The Matrix and Stranger Things.


  • Release Year: 2006
  • Episodes number: 23

In the future, thousands of years have been committed to domed cities to survive the terrible circumstances which afflict the planet. In order to speed up human progress, AutoReivs — humanoid-like robots – are designed to help humans in their everyday lives. However, all of this changes when a virus provides the self-awareness of AutoReivs, leading to many killings. The inspector Re-L Mayer is investigating these murders, and he learns there is something more sinister about a humanoid race called “Proxy.”

Ergo Proxy is praised for its complex graphics and profound philosophy, rather than simply robots murdering people. The fundamental topic of reason being – raison ou but pour quelqu’un ou quelque chose – shows people who go to extraordinary measures to make a living.

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In addition to addressing major philosophical subjects, Kiri by MONORAL also features an outstanding opening theme tune. The words and rhythms of the song blend well with Ergo Proxy’s amazingly bleak background.


  • Release Year: 2012 – 2014
  • Episodes number: 33 (2 seasons)

Japan has become one of the safest nations in the world in the 22nd century. But this apparently ideal society is anything but a peaceful one. The citizen must comply with Sybil, a system that the government has established to scan the likelihood of a citizen to commit a crime. However, such sophisticated criminal and indirect people-control technology is destined to be perverted, as you will witness in the two seasons.

Psycho-pass is another excellent example if the requirements of society exceed the individual’s wants and individuals are more likely to die from stress than crime.


  • Release Year: 2003
  • Episodes number: 22

There is a man-made subterranean metropolis called Lux in the not too distant future. Lux or its inhabitants The town is a refuge for an outcast generation. One of those youths is Ichise, a winning orphan, who loses a leg and an arm in order to please an ardent combatant.

Close to death, Ichise is rescued by a young female doctor and used as a guinea pig for Texhnolyze’s next development. With The City on the verge of conflict, Ichise must reveal the truth about Lux and struggle to survive as he learns his fate.

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Texhnolyze, created by the same team that produced Serial Experiments Lain, is widely regarded to be one of the darkest and most dreadful anime ever made. With a strong dosage of brutality, dullness and melancholy, the series is not suitable for everyone.

However, if all this sounds intriguing, the cyber-punk anime is an exciting story that examines the characterisation of mankind and asks: can there be a future in which people have progressed from flesh and bones to technique?


  • Release Year: 1987 – 2003
  • Number of episodes: series collection

Bubblegum Crisis Universe – Bubblegum Crisis, A.D. Police Files, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 and Parasite Dolls – is a cyberpunk animal collection from 1987 to 2003. The Bubblegum Crisis series was very influential and talks about the exploits of the Knight Sabers, an all-female squad of mercenaries wearing powered exoskeletons and robots. Think of them as Iron Man, more punk rock.

Considered a pioneer of cyberpunk animation, Bubblegum Crisis is a series of criminal dramas combined with super heroic overtones. It is also beautiful, featuring the distinctive Kenichi Sonoda character designs. Even though cyberpunk is considered to be gloomy, Knight Sabers and the AD Police are giving a positive turn to a dreadful environment.


  • Release Year: 2010 – 2012
  • Manager: Susumu Kudo.

Rune Balot is a young prostitute in Mardock City and is in a brilliant armor in a casino manager called Shell until she meets her hero. She thinks her life is about to change for the better, but instead Shell is killed. Her tale doesn’t end because a new legislation dubbed “Scramble 09” has granted the police power to resurrect criminal witnesses, owing to the high crime rate in Mardock. In that respect, they enable a professor to restore Balot from death by repairing her body with enhanced synthetic fibre. When she wakes up again, her confused mental condition evolves to a vengeance when Shell turns out to be her murderer.


That’s the year of release. All of our selections have tremendous liveliness, storylines and personalities, in which the cyberpunk represents our dread of future technology accomplishments and our determination to preserve human dignity and personal liberty.

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