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A Comprehensive Platform for Course Application


To study abroad, all the students need to complete one thing – applying for the desired courses. However, if you have ever tried to apply for a course abroad, then you must know how hard it is, because you have to do a lot of things, including finding courses, choosing the suitable courses, applying for the chosen courses, etc. Fortunately, you have CatEight right now.

CatEight is a comprehensive platform for course application, which enables you to find courses, find agents, find schools, apply courses and visas and get useful news and tips about studying abroad through one platform. Through this one-stop course application platform, you will find that course application is not as difficult as you think.

Next, let’s learn more about this wonderful platform together.

Search for Courses, Agents & Schools Using CatEight

CatEight has Course Finder, Agent Finder and School Finder, which can assist users to find the courses, agents, or schools meeting their requirements easily.

The Course Finder provides users with different search options, such as Course Category, Country/Region, Qualification, Discipline, Study Method, etc. This allows students to get a list of courses that meet their needs with simple clicks. In addition, students can use it to find different kinds of courses in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, including undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, English courses and so on.

School Finder is a tool for searching schools. By using this tool, students are able to get different types of schools in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore easily and quickly, including universities, secondary schools, primary schools, TAFEs, etc. Except for that, students can also use it to get some details of the interested schools, which will greatly save their time in choosing a school.

The Agent Finder is a tool that can assist users to find professional and reliable agencies for course application and visa application effectively.

Apply for Courses & Visas via CatEight

Course Application and Visa Application are other two important functions of CatEight.

As its name suggests, Course Application is a tool developed to help students submit course applications. Through it, students can fill application form, submit application materials, choose submission methods, etc. Students can directly use it submit course application to the chosen institutes, or to the chosen agents, or to the Request Pool.

The Visa Application is a tool for applying student visa. If students need to apply for an Australian student visa, or New Zealand student visa, or Singapore student visa, they can prepare the required materials and submit them through Visa Application.

Get Some helpful News & Tips About Overseas Study

News & Tips is also a significant part of CatEight. It provides users with various of news and tips about overseas study and education, which can help students to better know the study abroad and make full preparation for their study.


In a word, CatEight is an one-stop course application platform that enables students to complete the whole application through one platform. It makes course search and course application much easier and it can help students complete the course application and visa application more smoothly.

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