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A Guide To Hiring An App Developer in NYC

Hiring An App Developer in NYC
Hiring An App Developer in NYC

New York is home to diversity – not only in cultural realms but also for professional talents. It’s easier to go to Clutch or GoodFirms or GitHub and shortlist a developer or two, but it’s exceedingly challenging to find one that would accurately turn your vision into a digital reality.

Here are 9 tips that will help you find the best app developer in NYC who will come up with a user-centric app with world-class functionality.

1. Check the location and business hours

It is ideal for you to operate in the same business location as your developer’s. This makes communication, feedback implementation and project execution way easier than only coordinating with a team on video-conferencing tools. If need be, you can arrange quick coffee table discussions and see your product getting improved in real-time.  

2. Check review sites like Clutch and GoodFirms

Clutch and GoodFirms are independent review sites. These have certain benchmarks and performance standards based on which these sites review, rate and rank app developers.

The best part about finding app developers on these platforms is that you can quickly skip the rough Google search part and find a developer with experience in your required domain – for example if you need ecommerce developers in NYC, or a blockchain developer in Dubai. All you’ll have to do is type your query and you’ll find a list to start from!

3. Assess Social Proof

Social proof includes website testimonials, ratings and reviews on social media handles, LinkedIn endorsements, and engagements on community spaces like Quora and Reddit. Go to these handles and see how your potential app developer in NYC engages with the ideal audience.

You can also check the Google business listings to study the authenticity, metaverse credibility and quality of your potential app developers’ services.

4. Study the portfolio

App developers’ websites usually have a portfolio and previous projects section. While you can check the quality of design, development approach and the impact of the projects from this dedicated section, it is ideal to download these apps from the stores, and check them for user experience, performance and overall functionality.

5. Discuss monetization models

96% of apps in the stores are free. These apps either earn from sponsored advertisements or offer in-app purchases. Your app developer must be able to contribute key insights on monetizing your future app. Because these teams usually are experienced at deploying apps and seeing them perform in the market, their opinion can make a difference.

6. Discuss innovation strategies

While there are around 500 million Android and iOS apps combined, appreneurs need to innovate their business and consumer apps to stay ahead of the competition. In 2021, it is ideal to hire a programmer who is experienced in one of the modern technologies like blockchain, AR/VR environments, AI and machine learning, IoT-embedded systems and so on. 

If they can integrate one of the related features in your app, your app will ger

7. Ask for full-stack development services

Hiring full-stack app developers can give you financial edge in the long run. you won’t have to hire a dedicated designer, developer, and tester. A team would manage everything from scoping to app release. While this could save you money in the long-term, it will also save you the hassle and the time between design to testing. 

8. Check the contract clauses

According to the industry norm, the app’s source code, prototype, design assets, branding themes, and other tangible and intangible items legally belong to the appreneur or the client or the business investing in app development – unless otherwise stated in the contract. we still recommend users to study the contract and these specific clauses before finalizing the deal.

While this stays same in most situations, appreneurs who seek third-party investments like seed funding have to discuss such clauses with investors and other stakeholders.

9. Balance App Development Cost and Quality

While price and quality are both detrimental to your hiring decision, we suggest appreneurs strike a fine balance between the total money they are investing, the deliverables, the quality of the deliverables, the flexible payment structures, app development timelines and company’s reputation.

A lot of times, hiring a reputable agency which is situated in the hub of tech industry can give you an edge with marketing your application.

10. Discuss the payment structures

While some app development companies go for an upfront fee after initial scoping and design stage, other app developers in NYC allow flexible payment structures, with around 40% of down-payments and rest in 8-12 installments. Besides these, there are other resource outsource arrangements where agencies can assign development project to dedicated developers and charge per hour.

If you are an established business who need the app in the stipulated time, upfront fee might not be a constraint for you – but it is still better to go for flexible payments when you are committing to a long-term relationship.

Hiring an Agency vs. Hiring A Freelancer

Because in-house app development teams can be a hefty investment and new businesses are often not ready to take the plunge, it is ideal to outsource the app development project.

Now the question is, whether you should hire a freelance developer or a company for your project. According to tech trends, hiring a freelancer seems profitable and you think you’ll rip off the market, but you’ll end up spending money on app maintenance, design, testing and deployment.

Also, with agencies, dedicated project managers are assigned who are available round the clock to make real-time changes in the technical specifications of the project.

Agencies usually offer full-stack of development services which includes everything from wireframing designs to releasing the app on store, you’ll only be left with marketing your application. Contracting with one can help eliminate the overall managerial hassle associated with the app development project.

Wrapping Up…

These tips are generated from the desks of highly skilled and modern app developers. While you’ll have to balance price and quality of development services, these tips can help you make an informed decision.

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