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What is Famoid:

It was established in 2017 in Delaware. They provide essential software to the industry in addition to some amazing social media services across all platforms.

What is Famoid

What separates them from other social media services companies is their fast delivery of services and their promise of safety to customers.

A customer or user of the site wouldn’t have to go anywhere else to get their services, unlike other companies. You can get it from anywhere through their website with instant payment options and delivery services.

Famoid helps you get noticed on social media apps with their services. If you are a content creator and think that you are not getting the attention you deserve, then you should definitely try the site’s offers.

The way of doing this is extremely simple and anyone can do it with ease. You pay the price for the provided offer and in return, they will give a fixed number of likes, views, fans, or followers for your profile or posts. Only your username or the URL link to your particular post is required in performing the process as they will ask for your password.

They are open every day (including public holidays) and available 24/7. This is the reason why their customers have the benefit of instant deliveries on their orders. The whole process does not take anymore than five minutes.

Unlike other providers, Famoid does not support the idea of bots and fake followers. All the services, the site provides you have real and active likes and followers. They also claim that these users are “completely organic” and if you experience any “drops”, they will be replaced within the first 30 days.

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Services offered by Famoid:

Here are some of the services that Famoid provides for different social media apps…

You can buy real and genuine no bot Instagram likes, Instagram followers, Facebook likes, Facebook fanpage likes, Tiktok Likes, TikTok follwers, YouTube likes, YouTube watch time and YouTube subscribers.

Here are the complete pricing details of services offered by Famoid-

For Instagram Users pricing:

Number Price ($) Number Price ($) Number Price ($) Number Price ($)
100 3.95 100 2.95 100 2.95 50 79.95
250 5.95 250 4.95 250 4.95
500 8.95 500 7.95 500 6.95 100 129.95
1000 15.95 1000 13.95 1000 8.95
2500 39.95 2500 28.95 2500 19.95 250 249.95
5000 69.95 5000 44.95 5000 34.95
10000 129.95 10000 78.95 10000 59.95 500 399.95
15000 199.95 25000 168.95 25000 99.95

For Facebook Users Pricing:

Number Price ($) Number Price ($)
250 28.95 100 12.95
500 44.95 250 18.95
1000 74.95 500 32.95
2500 169.95 1000 58.95

For YouTube Users Pricing:

Number Price ($) Number Price ($)
100 34.95 1000 12.95
5000 49.95
250 69.95 15000 129.95
30000 229.95
500 99.95 50000 329.95
150000 749.95
1000 149.95 300000 1299.95
500000 1899.95

For TikTok Users: Pricing Details

Number Price ($) Number Price ($)
1000 4.95 100 3.95
2500 9.95 250 5.95
5000 18.95 500 8.95
10000 34.95 1000 15.95
25000 84.95 2500 39.95
50000 158.95 5000 69.95
75000 229.95 7500 99.95
100000 299.95 10000 129.95

Price may vary for updated pricing details refer to

How much reliable is Famoid:

In terms of reliability, the site ensures instant delivery of services to their customers and is highly reliable. The users are guaranteed 100% privacy and protection on their private information and account details. 

It only asks for the username of your profile or the URL link of the post. The customer support is also excellent as their team responds quickly and solves your issues within minutes.

Is famoid safe:

Putting an end to all your concerns about safety – Yes, it is completely safe. Dedicated that their customers are all from a real account made by real people. All of them have a unique account, regardless of all sites, in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok).

Frequently Asked Questions about Famoid

Here are some Famoid FAQs that you shoud be aware of –

Question 1. How Famoid Works?

Below listed are the steps that they take to provide their services to customers:

  1. Their customers can perform their payments safely.
  2. They create advertisements and promotions across various social networks.
  3. Via these ads, they directly interact with the viewer and profile. 
  4. Fake accounts created by a tool are never used, only genuine followers.

Question 2. Why should you choose Famoid?

It is the first company that legally provides social media services. They are available for you 24/7 even on Holidays and can the provided services are extremely fast as their system is fully automatic.

Question 3. How many Instagram Followers can you buy for the first time?

There is not a fixed number for this. But ideally, something above or near to 5000 followers is advised by the website.

Question 4. Why do you need to buy followers or likes, etc?

In the social media era, everyone wants to seek attention. Unfortunately, not all do – this is where social media services come into the picture. It helps you get your deserved attention and increase your social media reach.

Question 5. Buying followers or likes is legal?

Buying followers or likes for any social media is completely legal. They promote your account through social media advertisements and increase your likes and followers count.

Question 6. When will your support request be answered?

Generally, your request will be answered within 15 minutes as their team is available 24/7 even on a holiday for their customers.

Question 7. Can you take receipt of your purchase?

Yes, you can take a receipt of your purchase as they are a legal agency in the United States / Delaware. After your order has been successfully approved, they instantly send your receipt via e-mail.

Question 8. How can you pay?

The site uses Skrill and PayPal as payment methods. You can use your debit card or credit card to pay, both of them are acceptable.

Question 9. How long can you take delivery for Instagram followers or likes?

A completely automation-dependent system helps you get your delivery as fast as possible. In case if there is a queue, you will still only have to wait for 5-10 mins maximum.

Question 10. Followers or likes are real?

All the followers are active and likes are real. Like many other websites, they don’t use any fake accounts in their services.

Question 11. Do you need to give your password to them?

No, they don’t ask for your password as it isn’t required. You can use your photo URL or username to process an order.

Question 12. Can you trust them?

It is a legal digital agency and so you can trust them. 

Question 13. Can your social media account be banned?

Getting your social media to account banned must be the last thought on your mind while using Famoid. They only ask for your username and their developed system helps protect your account.

Question 14. If any problem occurs with your purchase?

You will get a full refund from them if there is a problem occurred with your purchase.

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