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A Quick Glimpse into the History of Graphic Tees

A Quick Glimpse Into The History Of Graphic Tees

Recently, it appears that graphic tees are way more prevalent than ever. There exist various choices other than logos and band shirts. The t-shirt graphics we observe daily are quite variable – images by contemporary artists, feminist messages, silly slogans etc.

Even though the graphic tees contain pretty casual, almost childish subtexts, yet they look very chic. The multi-use aspect of graphic tees has increased their demand. They are perfect to wear with a blazer or on top of the skirt for a night out. Women and men t-shirts with decals or any other graphics offer style for about everyone.

First Ever T-shirt

Graphic tees were not very popular back then, but they have created a significant and long-term imprint on the fashion world. Previously, the t-shirt was designed as an undergarment. Hence, there was no need to print anything over it. However, they began to gain popularity when shirt manufacturers began to take over the printed graphics.

Even if it is challenging to identify exactly when manufacturers started to print t-shirts, the G-Tinto the conventional media are easily traceable. The workers from the famous movie “The Wizard of Oz” were spotted wearing bright green graphic tees with “OZ” in bold white font. Moreover, Emerald City initiated proper marketing and operations of the G-T, most probably.

Use in Military

Similar to multiple fashion trends, the next occurrence of graphic tees was originated from the military. Military members received the t-shirts imprinted with the names of their training programs or branches during World War II. Veterans sustained to wear these t-shirts even after converting into civilian life. It is when the G-T emerged as a fashion statement. Life magazine published a cover featuring a model wearing an army t-shirt.

The Graphic Tees as a standard Fashion

At the beginning of the 1950s, graphic tees skyrocketed in terms of popularity. A Streetcar Named Desire’s artist Marlon Brando made a t-shirt popular as he wore one in the movie. Plastisol was an ink made exclusively for the designers to print their t-shirts. Manufacturers realized the marketing potential via graphic tees and used them for branding. Tropix Togs was a company that attained the rights for printing Disney characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse onto the t-shirts. Just like hoodies now, graphic tees gained unmatchable fame during these times. To get high-end graphic hoodies and t-shirts online, do check essentialshoodie.

The Era between 60s and 90s

They became famous because of the unique logos more than their music. The Beatles vintage and the Rolling Stones’ lips gained enough popularity to be remembered to date. Lately, everyone has been familiar with Calvin Klein, Adidas, Nike, and many more. As the trend of vanished for a bit, they are now making a comeback over the past few seasons, and we can witness it via renowned brands such as Gucci, Channel, and Celine.

The Strong Comeback

Graphic tees got outdated from the fashion in the early 2000s as the bulk production pushed it to over-saturation. The designs were not up to the mark and were less admirable. Therefore, designers now shifted their attention to this wardrobe and made some incredible changes. The G-T now returned as the new fashion statement.

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