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All You Wanted to Know about Parachuting Kratom


Kratom is supposed to be a botanical product from a native plant of Southeast Asia and it belongs to the coffee family. Kratom is a natural supplement that is used for treating some health issues. This natural herb is best for alleviating depression, pain relief, and opioid withdrawal symptoms among other health issues. Millions of people are using this natural supplement to treat their health concerns. You must be wondering how to parachute Kratom and what the process entails.

In this context, you must know that for centuries Kratom was being used in Asian countries; however, as more and more people across the globe became aware of it, there has been a rising interest in understanding the psychoactive properties of Kratom. According to the US News, Kratom belongs to the category of NPS or Novel Psychoactive Substance in the United States. 

It could act as a depressant as well as a stimulant depending on Kratom dosage. At low doses within 5 grams, Kratom acts as a stimulant, while at higher doses than 5 grams Kratom could produce analgesia and depressant effects such as an opioid. We understand that Kratom is available as a powder, a liquid concentrate, capsules, and it is even infused into chocolates. The leaves are commonly brewed as tea and often the leaves are crushed into what we call Kratom powder.

What Do You Mean By The Phrase ‘To Parachute Kratom’?

Parachuting is a specific method used for ingesting a substance or drug for jumpstarting the effects. For avoiding the bad taste of the Kratom powder, several users opt to parachute Kratom instead of using other methods. It involves placing Kratom powder in the right dose on a piece of regular toilet paper and then twisting the top for securely holding the Kratom powder in it. The user will be swallowing it with his preferred drink. This specific method is also called bombing Kratom. Using the right amount and high quality kratom powder is essential when parachuting kratom.

Several users feel that it is better and more natural to parachute Kratom than using other methods of ingesting Kratom. Many users find Kratom powder pretty gross in its natural state and they do not at all like the taste of Kratom powder. Bombing Kratom is an effective method that is capable of masking the unpleasant texture and taste of Kratom.

The process may necessitate some amount of trial and error for getting it right. Once the user becomes quite used to the process, he may use this method anywhere he wants to. Generally, users will be experiencing a far more stimulant impact with a smaller dose and a far more sedating impact with a relatively higher dosage. Many people prefer to use Kratom when their stomach is empty to ensure full potency. Moreover, some people prefer to have a light snack before using Kratom.

Conclusion: Learn to Plug Kratom

Many users do not have a clue what plugging Kratom is all about. It could be an effective way of taking this natural supplement. We understand that plugging Kratom implies inserting a specific medication through a person’s anal passage for enjoying faster effects than possible orally. Currently, in the United States, Kratom seems to be legal in most of the states except Indiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Tennessee. It is available today as essentially a dietary supplement.

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