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Amplify Your Fashion Statement with 5 Cool Streetwear Trends of 2021

Amplify Your Fashion Statement With 5 Cool Streetwear Trends Of 2021

The streets are the walking fashion magazines, emitting perfect style inspirations and ideas regarding the latest fashion trends. However, the struck of COVID-19 made it quite a challenge to grab knowledge about streetwear trends – all thanks to lockdown.

Now, the almost closed streets of Paris and New York do not help much in providing fashion related news and updates. Fortunately, the social media platforms never got shut and became the saviours to fill the void. Streetwear is mostly about comfort, but for some, it is a fashion statement. Hence, Vlone shorts are a fusion of both.

As we still face complications with mobility due to COVID SOPs, Instagram predictions for the latest streetwear trends, customized t-shirt have become very accommodating. So, let’s take a short tour to go through the latest streetwear trends of 2021.

1.     Varsity Jackets

Almost every brand is promoting and stocking these college inspired uppers this fall. Renowned players such as A Bathing Ape and Kith lead the charge by pushing outlines with leather sleeves, chest logos, and striped trims. Also, in its spring 2021 collection, Hermes featured a striped-trim leather bomber. The Gossip Girl and the famous Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit also put these varsity looks in the spotlight. For some amazing jackets and other quality streetwear designs, check out the Vlone Shop.


2.     Printed Loungewear

It will not be wrong to mention that loungewear has earned a whole new level of love that it now came out as streetwear. Conventionally, text graphics, motifs, and logos litter the basic wears like joggers and hoodies nowadays. In short, these approaches are becoming the mood-setters as they emit unique vibes and open grounds for branding options. In 2021, streetwear trends are redefining the standard hoodies or crewnecks with matching joggers.

3.     Graphic Sweater

This season upgraded traditional knitwear because of the cold weather. Off-white introduced its logo with a skeleton, while Vetements designed a monogrammed logo.

Nonetheless, Golf Wang and Palace tried their hands on butterfly graphics using colours and needles. It worked as a fashion-forward thing. Now, numerous streetwear labels are adding cardigans into their collections.

4.     Checkered Shackets

Shackets are a beautiful blend of shirt and jacket and has become one of the most famous streetwear trends. This fashion opens channels for the people who like to keep one leg out of the blanket just because they do not decide if they are cold or feeling hot. Apart from this, checkered shackets are way too comfortable, trendy, and hold pockets – a true definition of functional fashion.

5.     Cut and Sew Blocked Garments

Lockdown has pushed this trend in the luxury space because of deconstructed look desire. It is versatile when applied and lends itself well to every unique story. Human Made, Vetements, and White Mountaineering chose this trend as workwear elucidation. This trend helps maintain sustainability too, and button-down designs quench the thirst for style.

One can easily find these streetwear trends on Vlone Shop. It is an online portal of trendy yet comfortable clothes guarantying quality and 100% satisfaction on each purchase.

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