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Avoid These 7 Mistakes For DIY Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Interior designing! How creative and interesting it sounds, yet it’s the most tricky, and a bit challenging task. This skill is something that can’t be implied by anyone like the way any professional, or experienced designer does. Still, many people, especially the “kitchen queens” in every family believe, “we can design our kitchen in our best way”

Well, it also depends on one’s taste of kitchen designing keeping in mind their budget, and certain conveniences such as; lighting, counter space, sinks, and cabinets. One needs to determine, does our kitchen cabinet need to get painted or completely replaced?

When it comes to plan an elegant kitchen designing in Markham, then competition is really high, because each home kitchen in this region is ferociously designed, and decorated revealing its own standard.

Let’s make your DIY kitchen designing plan a successful one by throwing light into some common mistakes which you MUST AVOID while doing your kitchen designing. Being an experienced kitchen designer myself, I always take pleasure making people love their newly renovated kitchen.

A bit of smart changes can bring your kitchen to a new level, and can increase the home value. So let’s get started;

Mistakes To Avoid While Doing DIY Kitchen Designing

  1. Building Single Kitchen Sink Despite of Having More Kitchen Users

The very first mistake you need to avoid while building, or renovating your dream kitchen is, not considering the number of cooks. Many times it happens that the kitchen gets completely compacted when there are two or more people in one place for cooking, or doing various things.

Instead of one sink in the whole kitchen, the recommended solution is, to consider two sinks in a kitchen. The one would be a food preparation sink, and others would be your regular dish washing sink.

 The best part of having two sinks in your kitchen is, if two people are working in a mean time, there would be no hassle at the peak time, especially if there’s dinner at your place, any event, or both in hurry to get done with their work.

  • Not leaving Enough Space for Counter

Another mistake usually people make while building kitchen is, they do not leave enough counter space.

Having more counter space will provide you different areas of preparation, and people won’t collide with each other, nor will waste their time for one to get done with cutting, cooking stuff.

  • Assuming upper cabinets are must have

The fact is, upper cabinets only comes useful when you have a lack of storage. In countries like New York, and Paris, people can’t live without building upper cabinets, but for basic purpose and intent I see in Markham, the designed kitchens are already quite spacious with plenty of storage places that upper cabinets becomes useless.

It takes extra money as well. Still, if you want upper cabinets, then make that piece more architectural, like wooden cabinets, or glass cabinets, something highly fascinating.

  • Making Upper Cabinets a Pet Peeve

If you have a ceiling that is nine feet or below, then you must take your upper cabinets to the ceiling. There’s no reason to have it short, or having random space between your upper cabinets, and ceiling.

Why? Because you’re going to be tempted to put those terrible baskets that usually people put on top of their cabinets as decor. The upper cabinets need to go all the way to the ceiling which has to be around 10, 11, or 12 feet away.

  • Not thinking about household personal need

Many people design a kitchen with fantasy of building an island, but they forget their practical routine. Remember, planning is very important when it comes to kitchen interior designing. Also, an advanced planning is also equally essential. I would recommend having a specific per drawer.

Every drawer that is designed in a kitchen, it must have a purpose. For instance, you can have a specific drawer for storing all wrapping and foil stuff, to store all your Tupperware; everything needs to be planned out in accordance with your daily routine and schedule.

Therefore, when the kitchen is done and ready, it is very useful, and it is very easy to access the items in locations for which you will be using them.

  • Focusing on Resale Value of your home vs value of personal style

This is another notable mistake which usually homeowners make across the boards. A lot of people design kitchens, and most people live in their homes around an average of seven years. By the time, those seven years are over, the chances are your kitchen needs to get updated.

Lean into bold choices just for your taste and style, not to increase the resale value of your home.

  • Ignoring the kitchen Lighting

Not considering beautiful lighting in your kitchen is something more than a mistake. The lighting is like jewelry, which adorns your kitchen, and make it more attractive. The current trend is of hanging pendants.

Having an architectural lighting or having lighting can really do a magic in transforming your entire kitchen look.

For more such helpful tips for kitchen designing in Markham, stay tuned, and subscribe to Senso Design. The leading kitchen renovation/designing company with a team of exceptionally trained interior designers in Markham.

We’ve renovated many kitchens in unique Italian style. We have best team of kitchen designers to make your kitchen the best one.

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