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Before you Go for CCTV Installation, Learn All About CCTV Cameras!

Setting up a CCTV camera is not something to be taken lightly, as it takes a significant amount of expenditure installing CCTV security system at any commercial or industrial place. For a successful and worth investing installation of CCTV security cameras, you need to have a thorough information about this security system.

What certain components make a complete CCTV system for various functions, and what certain factors do we need to consider before buying CCTV cameras; this basic knowledge not only contributes in nailing the system for top security, but also helps in figuring out issues when it comes to CCTV camera repair.

Here’s a rundown of the basic factors you must consider for CCTV installation in Maple Ridge, as these factors are directly concerned with the performance and longevity of the system.

Main Factors to Consider before Buying CCTV Camera – Main parts make a complete Security System.


It is often believed that a CCTV camera is as sharp and effective as the lens inside it. Well, the fact is, a lens is something that gathers the light of sensors. Everything that is recorded on DVR comes through the lens, as this is the main responsible for determining how much area is going to be covered via CCTV camera. 

The security cameras came with digital and optical zoom, handling the lens. So buyers should prefer optical zoom to digitize as it doesn’t provide any relevant information. Besides, optical zoom can actually add new information as it changes when the light reaches the sensor.


The image sensor of the security camera captures light hitting the camera lens and converts it into electrical signals, which get recorded as a video. There are the two main sensors found in CCTV cameras that are worth considering; 

•   CCD image sensors – the CCD image sensor is usually found in older models of cameras

• CMOS image sensors – the newer CMOS image sensors use advanced technology to record HD resolution. This one is a bit economical and takes less power, unlike the CCD sensor.


The high-definition CCTV cameras provide the highest and best solution. The higher the resolution, the better will be image quality. Thus, it must be remembered that security cameras having an HD resolution of 1MP can provide you with an accurate image. 

Whereas the 2MP can give you better pleasant images, and HD resolution of 4MP can drastically enhance the image quality.


The range of CCTV cameras varies in focal length of lens, and size of an image sensor. With a prominent change of camera, you can capture clear objects even from a far distance. For this reason, a higher range is essential for an outdoor security camera.

Which one to Buy, NVR or DVR?

When it comes to choosing the right CCTV security system in Maple Ridge, then often people get confused about which one to choose, NVR or DVR? Let’s walk through the major difference in functions & advantages, as both of them are used in the CCTV industry.

The NVR and DVR are basically different pieces of equipment. However, here are the following differences between both, covering their features, strength, and cons. This will certainly help you make a better decision to choose one.

DVR – Digital Video Recorder

The DVR can say to be a central part of the CCTV system as it takes all camera inputs, arranges them on screen to make it view live, and stores footage onto a hard drive to view it later. DVR takes video from an external source such as a coaxial camera, then it encodes and records it to its internal hard drive in a digital way.

In CCTV security cameras, the DVRs are mainly used to capture the incoming video signal from cameras using coax cables which are connected to the ports on the back of the DVR. The signal transmitted can be analog, but more commonly as a digital signal. The DVR has processors that are capable of encoding and compressing the incoming video signal to make better use of space.

This space is located on as many hard drives as installed in the DVR. Many modern DVRs are hybrid systems that are capable of using more than one digital or analog video signal type. The majority of DVRs can also add a certain number of IP cameras according to various channels.

NVR is totally different from it. Here’s detail below;

NVR – Network Video Recorder

The NVR leads right into one of the major and most obvious differences between DVRs and NVRS. The NVRS only works with IP or network cameras. They cannot take the analog or digital input signal from a coax camera as some NVR supply power over Ethernet or Poe right from an onboard Poe port cluster. 

Whereas some other NVRS are connected with cameras on an external Poe switch on the same local network. Additionally, unlike DVRS, the vast majority if not all the processing is done to encode the video data and compress, it does not take place on the NVR.

The IP camera usually does its own data compression and encoding and then sends this data to the NVR to be recorded to its hard drives. This is the main advantage because this frees NVR processing power up for other activities with less bogging down, including; 

•         Remote viewing with less lag

•         Playback /exporting with less chop 

•         Artificial intelligence processing 

Thus, the NVR have a bit of extra processing power headroom. Also, they’re commonly associated with working in higher resolution cameras like 4k and up. Whatever you choose, each setup of CCTV cameras is beneficial in its own way. Now you know the key considerations of buying a CCTV camera, so never neglect the advantage of buying branded one from a reputable CCTV Installation Company in Maple Ridge like the BH Security Systems. We provide professional CCTV cameras and other security systems of excellent quality. Also, our well-equipped security cameras are available at the most affordable rates.

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