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Benefits of Microsoft Access Cloud Based

Microsoft Access Cloud Based
Source: Regroove

As Microsoft Access was previously a well-known database, it is quite an outdated system presently. As many companies are going serverless, it is necessary to evaluate the advantages of Microsoft Access Cloud Based.

If you work with confidential data, you will need the more comprehensive security that is offered by software like SQL Server. Several users who require migration of Access to the cloud opt to utilize SQL Server as the database with front-end Access. Also, the specific Access file format restricts the in-built integration with additional business software.

So here is how cloud-based Microsoft Access can benefit your business:

Robust data security

Microsoft has a crew of 3.5K cybersecurity specialists protecting Azure from several threats. They also offer an advanced level of redundancy and 24/7 maintenance. They also provide multi-factor authentication indicates that you do not have to depend on your login credentials for security.

Decreased expenses

Azure storage is affordable and scalable, as Microsoft looks after maintenance, this will reduce your office overheads and help you optimize your space. You can also host a Microsoft Access database on the cloud by using a Hosted Virtual Desktop for increasing the productivity of work.

Global connectivity

When you migrate MS Access to the cloud, you can have access to it from any place around the globe. Your co-workers will now be capable of working from home without affecting the way of working.

Web applications

Migrating your Access database to the cloud indicates that you can link multiple new applications to that data. Additionally, only a small amount of your Access applications features have to be online.

Increasing mobility for Access with the Power Platform

One of the most desired abilities an Access user demands is to bring Access data and data entry into a smartphone device for mobility. With the help of the latest Access connector for Power Platform, Access data can now be supported on any mobile device. Your business data is instantly migrated to Dataverse which can be utilized to design a mobile Power App. 

Linking Access to Microsoft Teams

The Access connector also enables your employees to review and modify Access data in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams has quickly developed into the collaboration tool preferred by the modern era of business. Teams has almost a quarter-billion active users monthly, and now these users have the ability to view and edit any Access database files directly in the Teams UI as they work with co-workers and execute on regular operations.

With the Access connector, Access data is transferred into Dataverse for Teams and can then be accessed by MS Teams users. Now businesses can renew their solutions and instantly migrate across various scenarios. Some users who need Teams can duplicate their Access forms as applications in Teams, while other users can proceed to utilize the Access forms as they understand and are familiar with on their PCs.
Apps4Rent is the best provider for cloud-based Microsoft Access with exceptional support and data management. Additionally, they provide services for SharePoint Migration from 2013 to 2019 and much more for the benefit of your business.

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