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Best GPS Tracking App for Android
Best GPS Tracking App for Android
Best GPS Tracking App for Android


What’s the Best GPS Tracking App for Android Users?

Global positioning has come a long way from when countries spied on their sworn enemies at war. Now, with it becoming a semblance to security, many tracking companies have embraced it. They have come up with different Android GPS tracker apps compatible with modern smartphones.

What is GPS tracking?

Any GPS tracker uses global positioning technology to show an accurate geographical location of a person. For quite a long time now, Android GPS tracker apps have been overly embraced in the motor industry. It is only until the past decade that these apps have been used to track devices and monitor a person’s movement. 

An Overview On The Samsung Android Smartphone AR Zone App

Location tracking can help make life more convenient by making it easier to find certain buildings, streets, or blocks. The best advantage of tracking apps is that monitoring a person’s live location is now possible. It has proven to be useful in parenting as one can monitor their children at all times to ensure they’re safe.

Some of these apps also save location history, making it easy to keep tabs on all routes and places someone has been to.

What are the Options?

There have always been two sides to technological advancement. Most have more pros than cons. That’s why it is so important to choose a phone monitoring app that is simple and safe to use. Let us take a look at some of the Android tracking options.

Android Device Manager

Losing a device can be stressful. It is then a whole new level of annoyance if your lost device has automatic access to organizational information or important data. To avoid any security risks, the device manager comes in.

This app will enable you to sign in to your Google account from another system and get the actual location of all the devices connected to the Android device manager. Its remote nature also helps one change the passwords and pin or lock the device from a distance. It will, however, require the user’s credentials to log into the device remotely and track the location.

Google Timeline

Google Timeline is a free app. It shows an estimate of location, all the places you have been to, and routes taken. Home and work addresses will also show up on your timeline. By turning on the location history on your device, Google Timeline starts recording your location data automatically and places it in your Google account. It’s, however, limited to tracking the location only.

Spy Apps

Spy apps enable the tracking of a device’s location remotely. Spy apps offer a wide range of features such as tracking chats, calls, or web searches on the target phone. mSpy is the best GPS tracker for Android. You can access these features for approximately $30 per month.

What is the Best Tracking Solution?

In the past decade, any technological development concerning any GPS Android tracker has proven to be more effective with each improvement. Among the spy software that we tested, mSpy stood out as the best Android tracker.

Why mSpy is the best GPS phone tracker app for Android

mSpy offers a lot of monitoring features for Android devices, including a GPS tracker. The installation procedure and payment is easy and fast. The app has several features, both free and paid, depending on how intrusive you want to be.

How mSpy works

mSpy’s subscription packages are only available on their website.

  • Buy a mSpy package

Log in to the website, choose a payment package. Fill in the provided form. After confirming payment made, an email is sent with instructions on how to proceed.

  • Install, set up the program

The installation procedure is a direct redirection to the site. It will only take you a few minutes.

  • Start tracking

After the set-up process is complete, mSpy starts tracking and sends a live feed of the geographical position of the chosen device.


Position tracking on devices is meant to improve the world. Like every other technology in the market, GPS tracking for Android phone need only be taken as a pinch of salt. Not too much to hurt a person’s private life by being too intrusive, but just enough to ensure safety and comfort.

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