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Best Grenade Spots Dust 2: Tactics to Become a Better Tactical Player

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

If you’re a CS: GO player, you know for a fact that a grenade can be useful. There’s no denying that there are other weapons as well, like knives and ARs, but when it comes to lethal damage, there’s no such thing as a cooked grenade. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the famous and evergreen map dust 2. We’ll talk about the mistakes that players make that keep them from getting more kills and get good at this fast paced game. 

However, the main topic of today’s discussion is to identify and take advantage of the best grenade spots in dust 2. 


Playing CS:GO is not easy. Let’s get that out of the way. It is a fast paced game that requires lots of skills, patience, reflex, aim, and most importantly, your strategy. 

Most players just wander around running through the map without a strategy. This keeps them from getting good and winning in the game. So, what can they do to improve their gameplay and get good results? One liner is: quick thinking and strategy.

We talk about strategy, what is it? 

It is knowing what to do and planning ahead in the game. CS: GO isn’t just a point-and-shoot game, the best players in CS: GO are the best strategists. Speaking of strategy, we can always use smoke grenades to hide in plain sight and hide from snipers or we can surprise the enemy by using grenades. 

So, let’s talk about grenades, where to use them, how they’re helpful and what are the best grenade spots in dust 2. 

Before we talk about grenades, let’s talk about dust 2. 

Dust 2

Those who play CS:GO from the olden days know that dust 2 has been around since the dawn of FPS gaming. When the first Counter Strike game came, Dust 2 came with it. It has been around from the start since CS1.1’s release in 2001. 21 years of dominating the stage. 

Considering its success in Counter Strike 1.1, CS decided to re-release the map in Counter Strike: Source and then in CS: Global Offensive. 

Since Dust 2’s start, the players are well aware of the best spots in the map, but don’t worry. We’re here to tell you about those spots and the best grenade spots in dust 2. Knowing the strategy and planning ahead is an integral part of the game, and when it comes to grenades and grenade spots, what map can be better than dust 2? 

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

Throwing grenades is fun. Throwing grenades and making sure it gets a kill or two is even better. So let’s get started.

The Lower Tunnel

If you want to blind your enemy, use a flash grenade. You can throw a flash grenade over the top wall in the lower tunnels. It’ll flash your enemy making them blind for a while. 

All you have to do is to point and aim the grenade at the top of that tower, and through it. What’ll happen is that the grenade will fall on the other side of the tower, making any of the running players blind. This will allow you to safely run towards them and kill them before they even see you. 

Image source: CS: GO gameplay from exputer

The Back Platform

The back platform is also another good spot to use a grenade but this time, we’ll suggest you use a Molotov. Here’s why:

In the back platform, you’ll notice that the enemy AWS players are camping and killing your teammates. And no one seems to be able to do anything. So, now is your time to be a hero and take care of them. How can you do that? Molotov. 

Through a molotov in the doorway (as shown in the pic below, and the campers will be bothered. You can either wait for them to come out and shoot them or you can just let them burn to death. Both are fine as long as those annoying creatures are dead. 

You might be wondering why we called this a heroic action, we did because sometimes, a hero has to make a sacrifice and this strategy also comes at a price. 

When you’re throwing a molotov, you’re out in the open. The best strategy for you to pull this heroic act and still be alive is to throw the molotov and move away from the spot as quickly as possible. 

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If you just go to the spot and throw the molotov, you’ll most likely get killed by the enemy AWP players. 

Short Stairs

In A Short, there’s this small location called short stairs where you can throw the grenades from. This isn’t the best strategy in the game but it works well when you throw a molotov(or molly). 

All you have to do is to throw a Molotov in the corner (as shown in the picture below). 

The one thing you need to be prepared for is to fight and be aware of your surroundings as the enemy player might try to push through the fire and kill you. You don’t want that to happen. 

The Skylight

Throwing a smoke grenade while getting out of the first door was the norm. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work anymore. From the last 20 years, the players have been the victim and now they know the famous spot so they avoid it. 

But there still is something you can do to get a kill or two. It is by throwing a grade through the middle of the doorway, and it will kill the players getting you some kills. This way, you can walk out of the door alive. This is one of the best grenade spots in dust 2. 

Smoking the Cross

Now this one is fun. Assume that you’ve taken the Long A, now you decide that it’s time to smoke the whole area of the cross. 

Now smoking the cross is a little tricky. Most players fall victim to the assumption that the cross can be smoked by a single smoke grenade and that’s where they’re wrong. 

To perfectly smoke the cross without leaving a spot is by throwing a grenade while you stand next to the blue barrel (as seen in the image above), and throw a smoke grenade where the picture shows. 

After that, run towards the house and through another grenade that will go over the roof of the house in the corner which will get to the cross to smoke the area. 

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Ask another one of your teammates to throw a grenade to fill any left spots. 

The B Main

The enemy keeps rushing from B main and you might be tired of being killed by this tactic. Wanna kill them before they kill you? Do this. 

Stand right next to the door facing the door of B main. Throw a grenade or Molotov at the door.  From its fire, either they will be killed right away or they will avoid this route making you safe from a rush through B Main. 

You can also trick the enemy players by throwing an HE grenade at the same exact location after the fire from the Molotov is gone. This way, the enemy players will think that they are ready to rush again but little do they know that another grenade will be waiting for them there. 

(Or) Flash the B Main

Wait, we’re not done with B Main yet. There’s another way to prevent the players from B Main to rush towards you. That is, to throw a flash grenade to the exact location of the B Main gate. This is another best grenade spot in dust 2.

This way, the enemy players at the spot will be flashed and you’ll be able to kill them easily. 

A Site

When an enemy player is playing with the AWP, they tend to camp in the known spots. We often don’t always check our corners (as Capt. Price advised). To make sure that the spots are clear, we’ll take the Goose for example. (see the figure below)

You can see the spot above on fire. This is where the most campers hang. It is quite simple to grenade or fire up this area. In other cases, we had to find the spots and throw grenades over buildings and houses but this one is pretty simple. Just simply throw a Molly to the Goose and the campers will burn to death. 

The Entry of the A Site

Now this one is for those who are playing for the Counter Terrorists. You can flash the enemy by throwing a flash grenade to the exact location of the plant. Now two things will happen.

Either they will be flashed making themselves blind and vulnerable or they will panic and leave their spot for you to capture (or destroy). Both the situations are a win-win for you. 

The B Site

Playing and going to the B Site is fun and games until there are enemy campers waiting for you there. To make sure that there is no one waiting for you on the B Site, simply throw a grenade (or flash if you wanna do the honors by the bullets) against the wall (as shown in the picture). 

It will bounce back to the exact location of B Site and kill everyone that is waiting for you there. This is one of our favorites in the list of the best grenade spots in dust 2. 

The Counter Strike Spawn Point

Spawn killing is fun. This can make the enemy a weak opponent and even annoy them in some cases. You can pull off this act by spawn killing the CTs. But first, you’ll have to capture the B Site and take complete control of it. 

After capturing the B Site, throw a Molly at the exact same spot as shown in the picture above, and it will keep the enemy from moving freely. They’ll be stuck at the spot. 

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The fire from the Molly will keep them from moving around. If they choose to walk through the fire, they’ll lose some health and that is the perfect time for you to kill them. 

Mid to A Short

This is where the most snipers hang out. One little mistake and the sniper will get you. It is like call of duty where there are snipers with 100% accuracy. So what do we do? We gotta get to A Short, right?

You throw a smoke grenade to the spot as shown in the picture. This way, the snipers won’t  be able to spot you.So, you’ll easily cross the way without being seen or shot by a kill-hungry sniper. 

The New Car

The car is another sweet spot for campers. You need to make sure that there is no one hiding behind the car waiting for you to come and kill you. So, stand by the exact blue barrel as you did in the Cross, aim a little over the Salon roof (as the picture shows), and throw a Molotov. 

There will be a burst of fire around the car burning any player(s) camping behind the new car. 

Rushing B

A good way to kill your enemy is by rushing them. In case of rushing B, what you need to do is to stand by the Pillar where the narrow checkpoint is and throw a smoke grenade to blind the enemy. (see the picture for further explanation)

This way, you’ll be able to rush the enemy players in B, and it will make your offense a great success since you’ll be safe from a sniper as well, because the place is smoked, baby.


Dust 2 is an old, fun map. What makes it fun is its huge competition. All the pro-players play this map to improve their aim, reflex, tactics and their overall gameplay. The best grenade spots in dust 2 have been described below. These spots will give you an edge against your enemy. You can use these tactics to surprise your enemy and win every time.

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