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Best Online Webm to Mp4 Conversion Tools

Webm To Mp4 Conversion
Webm To Mp4 Conversion

If we say that converting Webm to mp4 format online is the best thing after sliced bread when it comes to playing media files (both video and audio files), it is no gainsaying. 

But we go into the conversion of files between these two mentioned file formats, let us share some thoughts about Webm and MP4 formats first.

Webm which is supported in HTML5 provides an impressive quality for both audio and video files. Asides from this, the video playback of Webm is such a delight, and it is no wonder that this format is employed by the likes of YouTube, Skype, and Wikimedia.

Against this backdrop, this brings us to this question “why should I then convert my files from such a high-grade format to something else like the Mp4 format?” Well, the simple answer is this, while Webm is the best format if you want quality audio and video files, its only limitation is that it is not compatible with most devices

And this is where Mp4 format comes to play. Mp4 format works well with almost all devices (both mobile and desktop), all processing powers, browsers, and networks. Not to forget to mention that it is easy to use, and it doesn’t require large disk space.

And what is more is that if there is any webm file that your device can’t play, best believe that when such good is being converted to mp4 format, your device will be able to play the file with no stress.

So, if you have been trying to find a way to convert web files to mp4, don’t sweat it, because, in this guide, you will learn a few tools that can help you achieve this task seamlessly.

Online Tools to convert webm to mp4


Evano is not just one of the best online conversion tools because it is free, no.

 What makes Evano unique and amazing is its ability to convert different files in the twinkle of an eye! In less than a few seconds, your conversion is ready, and downloading is also easy as ABC.

Not only that, with Evano, you can convert different types of files without having to install any external conversion plugins.

Using Evano, you can upload files from different sources such as your Google Drive, Dropbox, hard drive, or even from a URL.

To convert files on Evano, what you need to do is visit the website, upload the desired Webm file, choose mp4 as the desired format to convert to, and click on the “convert’’ button.

Voila!!! Your converted file is ready for download!


Ontiva gets the conversion job done very well too. But the only difference is that Ontiva free converter is solely suitable for YouTube video conversions. Whatever type of YouTube video that you want to convert and download, Ontiva has got you covered.

With Ontiva converter, conversion and download are not the only tasks you can carry out. The best part is that you can also crop and edit the video files. 

Not to forget to mention that Ontiva allows not just YouTube Webm to mp4 conversion but also allows YouTube Webm to MP3 and other formats, without the installation of any external application or software.

To commence conversion on Ontiva, you copy and paste the YouTube URL on the website, choose the quality and format, and go ahead to convert/download.


If the size of your files doesn’t exceed 100MB, the Convertio is the online conversion that you require. Convertio comes in two versions: the free and subscription version. 

With the free version, you can convert a file as heavy as 100MB, but if your files exceed that quantity, you have to go for the paid subscription version of this online converter. 

The unique part of this online converter is that you can adjust the settings of the file, that is you can cut, resize, work on the audio volume, quality, resolution, codec, etc. right there on the Convertio website.

To convert using Convertio, you can either perform a drag and drop or upload from your device, Dropbox, or Google Drive. After which you perform any of the above-mentioned changes on your file (should you want to), and then go ahead to convert/download the converted file.

Free Convert

Another free online converter, Free Convert delivers an impressive MP4 converted version of any Webm files uploaded in it. With Free Convert, conversion is absolutely free, and you can carry out as many as 20 file conversions at once.

Also, this online converter gives room for changes such as changes in resolution and codec changes to mention but a few.

One of the limitations of Free Convert online converter is that there is a limit to how many file you can convert webm to mp4 on the website.

To use Free Convert, you will either upload or drag/drop the file on the website, then you go ahead to convert and download.

Having files in formats that you can’t access or watch seamlessly without you Installing plugins or other external software can be very frustrating. And that is what it feels sometimes when your devices can’t play or watch a Webm file.

Coming to the rescue are the above-mentioned online tools that aid successful and seamless conversions of these Webm files to MP4 versions anytime.

Of all these online Webm to MP4 conversion tools explained in this article, Evano converter offers a fast, simple, easy, and stress-free Webm to MP4 conversion, all for free!!!

With the Evano online converter, you enjoy quite a robust and full package that rivals what you can get with the paid subscription package of other online converters.

This is not to say that Evano doesn’t feature a paid subscription package, but you can get as much work done with the free version, such that there are just a few things to miss if you are not using the paid subscription package.

If you need to convert a Webm video to MP4 (or some other file format), Evano is your one stop online tool that gets the job leaving you happy and satisfied!!!

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