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Best Project Free TV Alternatives

Best Project Free TV Alternatives
Project Free TV Alternatives

There are numerous sites online nowadays where you can watch famous TV programs free of charge, but not all are equal. Some have extremely little information, while others are overloaded with advertising and pop-up windows to the point that they may be hardly used. Fortunately, websites such as Project Free TV demonstrate how good and accessible internet streaming can be.

Free TV Project: Backstory

Project Free TV is (was?) a platform that enables people to broadcast live TV programs on their electronic devices at home without paying for any particular service.

The streaming website was first taken off the Internet on 24 July, leading some individuals to feel unhappy that they did not have the chance to view some of their favorite TV programs. However, the website is back on the internet and runs well, giving customers access to hundreds of their favorite programs.

It happens!! It happens!! #projectfreetv thank you.

— Corinne Holland, 11 March 2017 (@corinne holland)

Most of the individuals who frequently depended on the internet to view TV programs thought it was excellent. When you visited the original website URL, you would instantly get a blank page that just showed a farewell message without additional information.

While most people suppose it was gone, the simple Google term search ‘Project Free TV’ will show you that your programs have a new website. is the site.

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What is a Free TV Project?

Project Free TV service allows guests to discover and watch their favorite TV programs online without paying a cable provider to view these episodes from their TV. There are links to sites that play some of the most popular programs on all the various channels that people prefer to watch.

It also has a comprehensive timetable that will show you precisely when your performances are to take place.

You may visit the website, start searching for a certain program, and then click on the link that takes you to a website where you may simply see the show without spending a single penny. The service has been operating for quite a while and provides users with a free option to watch on a budget or just avoid those expensive cable bills.

Unfortunately, the website is banned in the UK and has been blocked due to copyright allegations for the last six years.

What causes them to change their domain name?

Nobody knows why the service providers have chosen to alter their domain name.

Many individuals who use Reddit and utilize this service talk to one other about some of the alternatives they might use to start viewing their favorite movies and programs free of charge. Some websites that provide similar services will give updates when they go down to maintain or move domains, but none of their users has supplied information on what has occurred on Project Free TV.

To prevent any legal problems, Project Free TV includes a copyrighted material protection page on its website. The creators of the website say that they don’t monitor what the individuals who use it upload to their site but they say they take anything down if copyright claims are requested.

Top 9 Project Free TV Alternatives

1. Flixter Movie

Flixter Movie

TV programs are wonderful, but an exciting movie is sometimes just what you need to relax at the end of a hard day. MovieFlixter is an excellent alternative to Project Free TV since it not only offers a wide range of TV programs but also films of all kinds.

2. TheWatchSeries


TheWatchSeries is another Free TV clone of Project tv. Why should you bookmark another clone of a site with many mirrors already? As Project Free TV is great, and if your domain name is not taken down, you do not want to lose access to its content.

3. KissAsians


If there’s a lack of over-the-top video providers like Netflix and Hulu, these are Asian TV series. You may enjoy the greatest television programs from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc. with KissAsian. All programs that do not have English dubbing are presented with English subtitles.

4. WatchSeries


The WatchSeries is a fantastic way to find out about Project Free TV if you want to explore less popular TV programs. The site allows you to create or sign in with Facebook, allowing you to get custom content suggestions based on your likes and dislikes.

5. Kshow123


South Korean TV is insane. Perhaps not as insane as Japanese TV, but certainly insane enough to earn your attention. Kshow123 allows you to see all the top South Korean television programs free of charge and with English subtitles to help you comprehend what’s happening.

6. Watchfree


Watch free is a major known online streaming website with everything: Hollywood movies and Indie Flicks and worldwide TV programs. For most programs on the website, there are multiple sources accessible, so that you always have several choices if you stumble on a sluggish stream.

7. Stream2watch


Are you a fan of sports? If so, you need to pay a visit to Stream2watch. The site offers live feeds and streaming for almost all sports, including soccer, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, US soccer, golf, hockey, rugby, snooker, baseball, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, UFC, motorsports, and more.

Just enter the name of an event in the large search bar and pick up a bag of popcorn to start watching (the popcorn is optional).

8. Movie4k


After a time, most internet streaming sites begin to seem quite similar, and it is very uncommon to discover one that sticks out. However, Movie4k begins with its sleek design, excellent features, quick streaming, and strong social media presence. Oh, and the site has great material, too.

9. Hulu


Not to be confused with the American entertainment business that offers the most advanced media services, Hulu is a freely available online streaming website, where you may see movies and TV programs without intrusive ads. The website offers everything from action to humor to drama, so you will find something worth your time.

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Use NordVPN to anonymously enjoy project free TV

Online streaming services such as Project Free TV are often monitored and banned when copyright material on their servers is detected by Internet service providers and copyright watchdogs. Although Project Free TV does not hold any TV programs on its servers at all, the site and its users are likely to be watched.

You should keep your online behavior secret utilizing the virtual private network service of NordVPN, which provides a hack-proof, encrypted tunnel to flow online traffic to keep your browsing histories to yourself if you choose not to inform your Internet service provider about your binge-sighting trends.

Proxy for Eztv

How to watch NordVPN Project Free TV:

Just go to

To buy a discounted subscription plan, click the conspicuous red button.

North VPN for free tv project

Select a plan.


Create an account for the user.

How to install northern VPN for free tv project

Choose the mode of payment.

Project free VPN television movies

Download your operating system’s right NordVPN client.

Login to any NordVPN server you want and connect it to.

Torrenting VPN


Project Free TV enables you to view free and from anywhere in the globe all popular and unpopular TV programs. The site is so simple to use that no explanation is required, and it’s a web browser and a fairly fast Internet connection.

Although Project Free TV does not store copyright-based material on its servers, it still needs to be classified as unlawful in certain countries and must always be protected by a confident, virtual, private network provider like NordVPN.

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