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Best Way to Buy and Sell Livepeer Crypto In Canada

Best Way to Buy and Sell Livepeer Crypto In Canada

Did you know that 80% of the internet’s bandwidth is used for video streaming? Sadly, if you or your business want to stream video, then it can be incredibly expensive.

This is because broadcasters first need to transcode the video before it can be streamed. So, what’s the secret to reducing video streaming costs? Simple: Livepeer crypto.

In this article, we’ll briefly break down what this new type of blockchain infrastructure is doing to the industry. We’ll also discuss how to buy and sell it when you live in Canada. Let’s get started!

What Is Livepeer?

Before you buy or trade tokens you should first be able to answer the question, What is Livepeer crypto? Like any other blockchain platform, Livepeer is working to decentralize a certain aspect of the industry. However, instead of gaming or banking, it hopes to do this with video streaming.

Specifically, it hopes to use blockchain and peer-to-peer sharing to circumvent the high costs that come with live streaming. When using the platform users can stake a claim by working as either orchestrators or delegators.

From there, they can earn Livepeer tokens or other types of cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum. If the network continues to expand, then Livepeer believes that it can reduce current streaming costs by 50x.

The Best Way to Buy and Sell Livepeer Crypto in Canada

As we mentioned in the last section, it’s possible to earn Livepeer tokens, and other types of cryptocurrency, just by participating in the network.

However, you can also buy and sell crypto from a variety of exchanges. If you live in Canada, then we think that VirgoCX is the best crypto trading platform to buy Livepeer.

This is thanks to their competitive pricing and low-cost commission fees. However, you can also trade crypto at other popular Canadian exchanges like EXMO, Kraken, and Coinmama.

Is Livepeer Crypto a Good Investment?

If you’re involved in video streaming or want to be, then Livepeer is a great investment. However, it’s important to note that there is little use for Livepeer outside of the platform.

As such, we recommend that you believe in the mission statement of the company before you invest. That being said, Livepeer and other altcoins have been yielding higher returns than Bitcoin lately.

So, there may be some investment opportunities for people who don’t care about the platform outside of investments.

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We hope this article helped you learn how to buy and sell Livepeer crypto in Canada. As you can see, Livepeer has the potential to completely change the way that we stream video. But, this is only true if enough people use it.

By trading Livepeer crypto you’re actively contributing to a radical industry change. So, get out there and start buying or selling today.

Can’t get enough content? If the answer is yes, then you’re just like us. That’s why we regularly release great new articles for our readers about the latest trends. So, keep exploring until you get your fill.

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