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Buying Shoes Online: How to Find the Perfect Fit

Buying Shoes Online: How to Find the Perfect Fit

If you like shopping online, chances are you’re one of the 84% of consumers who have purchased clothes or shoes from an online retailer.

And the chances are also high that you haven’t been satisfied with a purchase at some point – it’s hard to tell what’s going to fit based on an online image and a few descriptions.

Luckily, there are ways to shop online for shoes that make it much more likely that you’ll buy the right pair that fits.

If you want to learn how to buy shoes online that not only fit your feet but are also high quality, keep reading!

1. Measure Your Feet

If you don’t know what size your feet are, measuring your feet is a good place to start. You measure your foot by finding the distance between to tip of your big toe to the back end of your feel.

Place your feet on white flat paper one at a time and mark the top of your big toe and the back of your heel with a pencil. Make sure you measure both of your feet, as each foot could be a different size.

You can then use your direct measurements against size charts rather than estimating what size you are.

2. Look at Brand Sizing Charts for the Brand

Sizing often varies based on the brand, location, and style of shoe. But online retailers will have a size chart listed next to the shoes to help pro determine what will fit.

However, these size charts may be generic to the website and not for the specific brand of shoe that you’re viewing. When this happens, go to that brand’s website specifically and get the size chart that matches the exact product.

3. Try on a Brand in Store & Shop Online

Online shopping becomes once easier when you have an understanding of how a certain brand sizes shoes.

For example, Air Jordan sizing is very consistent. Once you know what size you are in a pair of Jordans, you can expect that your foot will be in the same size in all Jordans, whether it’s the Air Jordan 1 or 18.

To find out what size you are, you can go to a shoe store in person and try on a few pairs. Now you’ll know what will fit you when you’re shopping online for that brand.

4. Look at Similar Brand Fits

Often, online stores will have two different size charts. The first will be the individual size chart for their shoe. The second will be a comparison size chart.

Here, you can put in specific information about your shoe size and other shoes that you’ve worn that have fit you. The program will use its algorithm and details from previous customers who have tried the shoe that you’re looking at to recommend a certain size for you.

Inputting this information is a good idea because it will give you even more accuracy when shopping online for shoes. When you get this recommendation and know the measurements of your foot, you’ll have a clear idea of what you can expect to fit.

5. Try a Few Pairs

Trying multiple pairs of shoes is another way to make sure that you’re getting the best shoe fit. You can buy a pair of shoes online and they may seem ok, but you won’t truly know if they’re the best fit for your foot if you don’t have the next size up or down to compare them to.

When shopping online, look at the retailer’s shipping and return policies. Many retailers offer free shipping and returns, which makes it easy for you to buy multiple sizes to find the perfect fit.

6. Look at Customer Reviews

Reviews are your best friend when you’re shopping for shoes online – which is why 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their purchase decisions.

Do the shoes run small? Large? Are they not as pictured?

Most of your questions will be answered by customer reviews, which can save you from making a bad purchase or give you confidence that you’re buying a high-quality item.

Reviews will also ensure that you’re buying shoes that fit your expectations. You can see if you should buy a larger or smaller size and if the color is what you imagine it to be.

7. Consider How You’ll Use the Shoes

The way you wear your shoes will also play a role in what size to get. For instance, say that you’re consistently a size 9 when you purchase shoes.

But if you’re in the market to buy sneakers for running, you should order a pair that’s a size up. This is because running causes increased blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your feet, causing swelling.

If you’re buying a pair of sandals for the summer, you may also want to go a half size up. Your feet swell a bit in the heat.

When it comes to everyday shoes like walking sneakers or boots, you can most likely stick to your normal size. Just remember that you may not be able to wear thick socks with shoes unless you go half a size up.

8. Look for Shoes Worn by Models

Lastly, only buy shoes that have pictures with a model wearing the shoes. This will give you an understanding of what the shoe will like once it’s on your feet.

Many online retailers will also list what size the model is wearing. This can be helpful even if you’re not the same size as the model. For instance, if the model is wearing a size 9 but it makes their foot look huge, you can assume that the shoe won’t be flattering on your foot either.

And if there are no pictures next to a shoe listing of the model wearing it, you can do a quick Google search of the shoe to see if there are any pictures of it on another website.

Understanding How to Buy Shoes Online

Once you know how to buy shoes online that will fit your feet and look great, you can be confident that your online shopping will be much more successful.

Learn more about how to level up your online experiences by checking out the rest of our blog.

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