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Geek Nigeria’s Best News Site Is Down? Alternatives

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Whenever you search for the term the website is usually down. What can be the reason?

In Nigeria, there are tons of news websites that you can visit to see what’s going around in the country. Some are them offer long-form news articles, while others offer brief headlines. 

The website we are reviewing today offered both. It covered all the content, from football news to crime and the country’s political situation.


So you’ve finally decided that there’s no room for the newspaper in your house, it is then finally time to get your internet connection working and start surfing your favorite site for news and entertainment, especially for Nigeria. Is It Down?

Some folks in Nigeria have reported that the website was previously working fine, but now, it seems to be down. It is not currently working. Our web experts have taken their precious time to get to the root of the problem. 

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any response from the official team of the website; however, the experts are saying that the website could be down due to the following reasons:

Server Down

At first, our web experts tried to surf the website, but after trying again and again, there was no response from the servers. Whenever anyone tried to reach the site for news and information, the website the completely out of reach.

Domain Could Be Expired?

Well, at first, we assumed that the site’s domain could be expired, but after doing some analysis and asking for feedback, the domain seems to be working. Can it be another issue?

Is the Site Down For Good?

The website is NOT down. That is clear, but when we surf the site, the results come, and there is absolutely NO content on the site.

See? No content at all. Only a “/.” Could it be an indicator by the team that we’re currently down but will eventually come back up?

It May Be Hacked

Most Nigerian websites are vulnerable to attacks and exploits from hackers. This is due to the fact that companies do not hire cybersecurity experts due to tight budgets. This causes the websites to be highly open to data breaches and hacker attacks. 

According to our experts, the website might have been highly vulnerable to attacks. That could be the reason why this website is down. The hackers may have hijacked the site for ill purposes.

Did The Govt Take It Down?

We tried to contact the concerned persons, but no one responded. Actually, there’s no way for us to be sure that the site was taken down by the Nigerian govt. However, we can always assume that the website can be down if it violates some of the terms and conditions defined by the Nigerian Govt.

Nigeria and News Websites

As everyone wants to be aware of what’s happening around the world, so do us Nigerians. We want the best and most credible source of news for us. 

Unfortunately, the website you wanted to visit is completely down, and nobody knows when it will be back up. So, we have compiled a list of the best Nigerian news websites that are credible and fast and let you know what’s happening in the country and worldwide. – Alternatives

In this section, we will explore some of the best alternatives. Keep in mind that they are among the best websites in Nigeria.

1. Vanguard

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Vanguard is one of Nigeria’s most visited new websites. The platform offers users tons of news, entertainment, and much more. Additionally, they offer newspaper services as well.

2. The Guardian Nigeria

The Guardian Nigeria is another well-known website when it comes to news, political opinions, the latest headlines, and international news.

3. Punch Newspapers

Nigerian love to be informed if there’s a happening in the country. is full of breaking news and headlines. Their newspaper services are also one of the most used in the country.

4. Premium Times

Based in the federal capital territory, Abuja, in Nigeria, Premium Times is known for delivering credible news headlines and political opinions around the country. You can also see the weather forecast on this site.

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