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How to change Tiktok username

Change Tiktok Username
Change Tiktok Username

A username on TikTok that allows you to recognize TikTok users and is extremely popular while establishing a TikTok account, but you don’t like that name afterwards. But the issue is: how to change TikTok’s name? You’ve arrived to the correct spot. This page informs you everything about altering TikTok’s name. Please read on below.

Part 1. Can you change your username for TikTok?

Can you change your username for TikTok? The reply is: YES! Of course! Of course! On TikTok you may simply change your username, just as on Facebook and Twitter.

You only have to pay attention to something before changing your TikTok name: your TikTok user name has to be unique, and you may only alter the username of your TikTok any 30 days.

Part 2 how I can change my name by waiting for 30 days

As in Part 1, every 30 days you may change the TikTok name, but how can you alter the TikTok user name? If you can alter the name on TikTok, then Congratulations! You may just follow the instructions below to make it simple to modify.

Step 1: Start your TikTok app on your mobile phone and log into the TikTok account to change your username for.

Step 2: Click Me to open your profile on TikTok.

how to change ur name on tik tok

Step 3: Press Profile Edit.

how to change your tick tock name

Step 4: Press Username to update it on your device.

Step 5: Remove the box and input your new login.

 change name on tiktok

Note: TikTok username includes a maximum of 24 characters, only letters, numbers, underscores and periods. And within 30 days after the day of the last modification, you cannot alter your username.

Step 6: Tap Save to Save and Update after entering your new login.

In TikTok, you may simply change your username by following the TikTok regulations. What if thirty days you don’t want to wait, what can you do? Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Check next part. Check next part.

Part 3. How to change TikTok without even waiting 30 days?

I change TikTok’s username but .we don’t want it to be the ideal name so how can I alter my TikTok name without even waiting for 30 more days? Don’t panic. Don’t panic. We have covered you. You may accomplish this by changing your cell phone time and date settings.

Follow these methods to find out how to alter your TikTok name circumventing TikTok limitation:

Step 1: Start your mobile phone’s Settings app.

Step 2: General Tap > Time & Date. This process is different from a smartphone to input date and time settings.

how do i change my tik tok name

Step 3: Disable Automatic Set in Time & Date Settings

how to change username tiktok

Step 4: Set manually an advanced date of at least 30 days.

can you change username on tiktok

Step 5: Save the settings. This will make a trick and overcome the 30-day limit.

Step 6: Now start TikTok and follow Part 2 steps to change your username for TikTok.

Voila! Now you updated your TikTok name successfully. Anybody who wants to create an interesting video on TikTok? Shift on to the next part to continue making a creative video

Part 4. Bonus Tips: How to Create a Creative Video with HitPaw Toolkit Video Editor.

What gain popularity and viral on TikTok? A viral and unique video! But how to make a creative video? When you are facing the same trouble, continue to read to understand how to create a creative video with the Hit Paw Toolkit Video Editor – a powerful video editing tool.

Step 1: Simply install Hit Paw Toolkit in your desktop, and activate it. Then, you would see the home feature.

how do u change your tiktok username

Step 2: You could choose the functionality you require. If you would like cut video feature, press on it and move the video to this plugin. And move the slider to select the portion you want.

 change username in tiktok

Step 3: Press the “Export’ tab if you are comfortable with that.

Step 4: Click Manage my account.

how can i change my tiktok name

Step 5. If you have to do several other editing, you could proceed to use other functionalities.

We hope it helps to create your video with Hit Paw Toolkit Video Editor.


Well that’s it – how to update your name on TikTok. Whether you’d like to update username TikTok both with and without having to wait 30 days, this article might help you out. In fact, you also can create a video clip utilising Hit Paw Tools Video Edito – all the excellent show features that might allow your video quite popular.

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