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Cloud of daggers 5e overview in simple words

Cloud of daggers 5e overview in simple words

There are a lot of games introduced until now each game is better than the other. The graphics, Gameplay, styles, Overview, sound effects, background music, storylines, all are unbeatable. People are crazy about the games specially action games and fantasy game. Today the topic is something related to it. Not a game but a specific part of dungeon and dragon game with the taste of both action and fantasy mixture. The article is about cloud of daggers 5e.

In the article You can get precise details including some mostly asked questions related to the topic. If you suffer any problem in the game related to the cloud of daggers 5e, its use, problems, it’s details, its effects, or any issues. This article is present to serve you. Get ready to dive into the article with us. So let’s go!

Shortly about Dungeon and Dragons

The dungeon and dragon is a fantasy and a role playing game. It was developed in 1947. The people are loving the game through that time. It has role playing characters such as dwarf paladin, elf warlock and the dungeon master himself. The dungeon master is the one who narrates the gameplay and the storyline, controls different characters, monsters and facilitate the game. The first publisher of the game were Dave arneson and Gary gygax. Cloud of daggers 5e is the part of the game.

It is a spell used in the game to damage the opponent creature. D&D started growing its popularity in 1970s and 1980s many fantasy and adventure based movies are inspired by the thought of DND games. The game has been translated into many languages and even won a lot of awards. The different characters of the game work together and rise their level by experiencing points, solving dilemmas, exploring treasures, doing battles, increasing their powers and much more.

So we will proceed step by step and first of all you should know actually what is the cloud of daggers and its role in the game.

What is cloud of daggers?

What is cloud of daggers Bing! the cloud of daggers is an initial spell taught by some of the Wizards in the game. It is actually the cloud of daggers (the army of pointed knives used as a weapon) which is spread at the area of five feet in a diameter and 50 feet’s of the caster.

Entering in the into the cloud of daggers can be dangerous in two ways one is when the power of the wizard increase suddenly for a very short time but the wizard can revive itself and the second will be more effective and strong when it will be posts-sundering variant or spell that is it would be at great level that its magical effect spreads to the area of 180 feet and 90 feet radius. The magic is strong enough to destroy the creature when it reaches near the circle.

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What is spell?

A spell in the game is a specific and discrete set of some special words arranged in a very careful manner to perform a magical task and the task can be anything beyond the normal or natural routine. In the game many of the spells has been created some of them are recorded and many of them are not as they have been vanished and the minds having those spells are dead and vanished

The levels of the spells

the level of the spells in the game is from zero to 9. This is an indicator that how strong and effective the magic and its damage is going to be in the game for an example the zero level could be magical missile and the 9th level could be the earth shaking.

How does the cloud of daggers work?

It works in a way that when you select a center point for a dagger to spread it spread about five feet on each side of that center point and then whenever any creatures tries to enter that area or make his turn this magical spell will cause a 4d4 damage to that creature and provides the defense system against that opponent creatures. This spell is a second level spell and the damage is guaranteed.

People think it is a weak attack

For the people who think it is not strong and effective enough and think that it turns off. I will explain it by comparing it with scorching ray which is strong second level spell. If you use scorching ray it will shoot three times with the damage 2d7 that is 7 points and if you shoot all three at the same target it will cause the damage that is 21 points and the total damage will be 50 to 60% and it is almost the average 10.5 to 12.5 damage however when we are we use the cloud of daggers it will be proved nine times more resistant and even mostly the creatures are not resistant enough to the clouds of daggers and it’s damage.

Other information and details about the cloud of daggers 5E

Class: Bard sorcerer wizard

Range: 60 feet

Required material: a silver of glass

Duration: up to one minute 60 seconds

Components: V,S,M

Casting time: one action

Scales: yes

Level:  2 and higher

Author: wizard of cost

Publication: players handbook

Cloud of daggers is a magical damage or non-magical damage:

It is a common question that Cloud of daggers is a magical damage or non magical damage? Each and every damage caused by cloud or dagger is magical damage directly caused by the spell. Otherwise except the cloud of daggers there are some non magical harms and it could be wolf attack, bite attack, fireball spell that sets fire into the forest.

if you ask that the fires ball spell is a magical damage then we will say that only the fireball is magical which is used to initiate the fire damage. Once the fire is produced the magic is dispersed. The rest of the process of fire spreading is natural and non magical.

Duration of the cloud daggers:

The time limit is about one minute. When you use the spell do not roll on and then inflict the same damage to the creature who is already affected because it causes the damage each time applied. This is the strategy that is applied almost at all damage dealing strategies.

You can enter the cloud only once, make changes and quit. If you want to re-enter again you can do it next time on the next phase.

Auto-damage by Cloud of daggers:

It doesn’t go to the opponent’s place and harm them. The damage is caused when the opposite creature enters the area of the cloud of daggers. The first move is by the enemy then it will cause damage. Further damage will be automatically done you do not have to hit, throw, roll the daggers to the target.

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Frequently Asked Question

What does cloud of daggers do in D&D?

The cloud of daggers cause 4d4 damage to the opposite creature which come closer to the 90 feet radius and when you use the spell of higher level. The damage increases by 2D4 at third level. In a same way for each slot after the second one

Can the Cloud of daggers be moved?

No, they cannot move as a spell do not have this command if you cast it again even then it will not move but will target on a different location.

The damage is caused when the creature enters the area of the clouds of daggers until then it will not cause any damage. But if the enemy enters the area than the damage will be automatic you do not have to do anything.

What is the level of the cloud of daggers?

The level of the cloud of daggers is level two with the duration of one minute and guarantee damage.


Dungeon and Dragons have so much cool things to surprise the gamers many weapons, and magical spell can be used by the player to enhance the game more and make it more exciting. Clouds of daggers is one of those exciting, amazing, effective, strong and wonderful spell used in a game. You shouldn’t underestimate the spell as many people do because they do not know how to use it. It is a second level strong spell strong enough to create 4d4 damage.

We have kept our views about clouds of daggers in the article at the last week say that we have provided all the authentic details about it now you can use it in the game by following our guidelines and tips there is much more to exploring beside. So do Read. If this article help you in any way; appreciate it.

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