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Determine Form and Function Before Purchasing Patio Furniture for Your Home


Decorating your patio is fun; however, you need to bring home the right furniture to complete its overall look and appeal. The type and size of furniture can either make or break the look of the patio. Experienced interior designers recommend you list the patio furniture you need first before bringing them home.

The importance of form and function

Though the task of buying patio furniture looks simple for everyone, it is not. You need to decide on the form and function of the furniture pieces you want to buy. This can be done by planning in advance about the furniture pieces you want to buy and how much time you are willing to take care of and maintain the patio furniture in your home.

Some examples below will illustrate the above-

A plastic chair or an aluminum lightweight piece is resistant to rust and convenient for you to move around, especially if you regularly like to drag the chair to the front of your yard for a yearly neighborhood party or keep it tucked away in the shed before Fall. It will not have the stability or the weight of a stainless steel or iron-made piece. However, if it is collapsible or stackable to conveniently keep out of your way when you do not want to use it.

Likewise, a loveseat made of cedar is very sturdy and feels like the furniture you would love to use outdoors. It does need some extra maintenance, like applying a coat of sealer after some years or moving it to a place in the shade or from the sun could be a hassle.

Protecting your investments

Your furniture lasts long only if you take good care of it. Use durable patio furniture covers for both regular and valuable pieces, and during the winters, move them to a shed or a garage. Good quality covers will protect your patio furniture even if you cannot move them to a shed or a garage. Tables and outdoor loungers are made in standard sizes to fit into zipped generic covers easily.

Not only will these protect your furniture, but they would also make every gathering extra special. You can mix and match each table and chair cover to the theme of your party or simple dinner party.

Quality comes first

If you want your patio furniture to last for a long time, ensure you buy quality pieces for your home. Often the reverse is true. Homeowners assume their patio furniture stays safe outside and can beat the hassles of the sun, rain, and wind. So, they buy average quality pieces assuming they will last for a very long time. They pay more attention to the indoor furniture and ensure the pieces are chosen carefully with time.

Your patio is an extension of your indoor space and buying furniture for the patio deserves as much attention as the interiors of your home. In this way, you effectively can balance durability with price and choose good-quality pieces for your patio decoration.

Last but not least, the patio furniture you buy for your home must be comfortable. So, try them out first before you buy them for your home. If the piece, like a chair, is comfortable for you, it will be cozy for your guests.

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