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Does the energy efficiency of boilers matter? Tips to Make Home Energy Efficient

It is a big concern for UK households as the winter is approaching. The soaring energy bills are nearly impossible to pay off. And staying without a heating system is also unfeasible for people of all age groups especially older ones. There is no way you can completely ignore the heating system at all in harsh winter. However, the energy bills are still haunting you from the inside. Either you have to limit your usage, stop using it, or arrange for a better option. 

Limiting your usage is not an option in harsh winter and `so is stopping it all the way long until the season ends. However, arranging for a better option is way too easy than the other two options. 

If you have an old boiler system and cannot afford to replace it, don’t worry. The ECO4 scheme has got you covered. With the help of this scheme, you can get a free boiler grant, if you qualify. The criteria for qualifying is that you are receiving financial assistance from the government and your EPC rating is D or below. 

In this post, we will try to find out the answers to does the energy efficiency of boilers matters and how to make your home energy efficient to avoid paying hefty bills. Let’s get started. 

Does the energy efficiency of boilers matter?

Yes, the energy efficiency of boilers matters. The reason is that old boilers use only 80% of the fuel while the new boilers are as efficient as 90%. This means that the old boilers are utilizing only 80% of the fuel energy and the rest 20% goes wasted. In contrast, new boilers are more efficient, utilizing the maximum amount of fuel with little wastage. 


Tips to Make Home Energy Efficient 

There are plenty of ways to make your home energy efficient and avoid hefty energy bills. Here are some of the tips to make energy efficient. 

Replace Your Boiler 

When it comes to heating bills, you need to check your previous bills. If the bills are increasing with each passing month, there is a need to replace your boiler. Old boilers consume more energy and offer less warmth. In contrast, if you replace it with a new boiler, they are highly energy efficient and can reduce your energy bills. Moreover, new boilers emit less carbon and promote a healthy environment. This ultimately leads to a healthier and safer environment. 

Invest in Double Glazed Windows

To make your home energy efficient, you need to upgrade single-glazed windows with double ones. It might look like a heavy blow to your budget, but the benefits are going to be multifaceted. Not only double glazed windows tend to make your home energy efficient, but also give a new look and feel to your home. In addition, double-glazed windows also reduce noise pollution coming from outside. You can also improve your EPC rating with the help of double-glazed windows. This ultimately leads to an increase in the value of your property. 

Insulate Walls  

According to Energy Saving Trust, almost one-third of home heat is lost through the walls. Holes and gaps in the wall also lead to mold formation, which may worsen over time. However, you can prevent heat loss by insulating your walls. 

Houses that were built before the 1950s are likely to have cavities in walls. You can hire a professional to do cavity wall insulation. A professional will drill the hole outside the wall and fill it up with insulation material. 

Draught Proofing

If you are ignoring other openings in your home, you might be losing a major chunk of heat. Check different areas of your home where you find cracks and gaps. Especially look at those areas where you can feel the air. The best way to check those areas is to take a candle, light it up and if the flame starts to go here and there, you need to cover the area up. 

Moreover, you need to buy draught-proofing and place it under the doors. It will help you preserve the heat inside your home and make your it energy efficient. 

Install Smart Thermostat 

If you are tired of paying hefty energy bills, now is the time to buy a smart thermostat and install it. The only way to save energy is through a smart thermostat as it learns your preferences over time. For instance, it may adjust the temperature similar to what you did in the past. Moreover, it also turns off the heating system automatically if no one is there for a long time. You can also track and monitor energy usage and take appropriate measures to cut down the energy bills. 


Summing Up

Energy bills are quite worrisome for almost every household. Especially for low-income households, it’s a big blow to the pocket every month. The only way is to make adjustments in the home and replace the old boiler with a new one. However, if you are unable to afford it, you can always apply for a boiler scheme grant to avoid hefty bills today as well as in the future. 


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