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Every Agency Needs this Must-Have Feature! Find Out What it is Here

client portal

All services-based agencies need this feature because everybody uses their website differently and has different needs. Once the money starts rolling in from those clients, creating a simple way to view information, pay invoices, or send support tickets can resolve issues quickly before they have time to escalate.

A client portal is a website that gives your clients the ability to log in and see their personal information, such as invoices, statements, and files. You can also use it to get in touch with support or upgrade features like routine backups or file-sharing. Talk about next-level customer service!

Read on from this post to explain what a client portal is and why every agency needs one.

Meaning of Client Portal

Agencies need to provide their clients with a way to view the project they are working on. This is called a client portal. You can customize the agency client portal into a variety of different layouts.

They allow the agency and client to communicate updates, track time, and prioritize tasks. Client portals can be as simple or complex as the agency wants them to be. The more advanced they are, the better the user experience is for everyone involved in the process.

Why Does Every Agency Need a Client Portal?

  • Help them send emails better – An agency client portal is the best way to help them create the perfect emails (or even mailers). You can load new content into it and tell them to use it when sending out an email.
  • Help them build a better website – If your client has problems making changes to their website, getting them to use a free editor would be the best option.
  • Help them manage their PPC campaigns – If they’re running PPC campaigns on Google Adwords, you can teach them how to do keyword research using Adwords Keyword Search Tool. You can also suggest other tools that you know of that could help with paid search campaigns.
  • It’s fast and easy for clients to track their project’s progress -A client portal gives clients the ability to view their project’s tasks, milestones, deliverables, and task statuses. This makes it easy for them to check up on their project in real time, 24/7.
  • It helps keep your team on schedule – By using an agency client portal to share schedules with your clients, you give them access to schedules that can help keep everyone informed about the progress of all projects.
  • It reduces the number of emails sent back and forth between you and your clients – A client portal makes it easy for you to communicate with your clients without having to constantly email them back and forth.


A client portal will give your clients access to the site, allowing them to see their accounts and make updates as they need to. With an agency client portal, you can keep your clients in the loop and give them clear instructions on making changes. No more sending them back to the drawing board because you had to update something on your end or not respond in enough time for them to make needed changes.

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