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Explore these guidelines to make catchy vinyl banners and hang them in the right manner


To decorate your business banners, there are two pathways, digital printing or adhesive vinyl. Regardless of your printing or plotting, you need to start with dedicated graphic design software and a functional computer. Your software’s feature list can make or break your banner design.

So, don’t confine yourself to some rookie software, which can ruin your competitiveness and commercial shin. Go for packages like Master Plus, LXI Master, Flexi-Sign, or Corel Draw to produce distinctive and creative designs, and incorporate them into your vinyl banners.

  • If you want to bedeck your banners with vinyl, printers and plotters will play a crucial role. A commercial-level plotter has good tracking capabilities.
  • You can buy the Vinyl Express QE6000. It has excellent media handling and precision. It can produce 25 feet graphics.
  • Most basic plotters work well for small decals. However, the cut beyond 8-10 feet isn’t accurate.
  • Select proper tracking before choosing a concerned plotter to make your banner.
  • If you want to design the banner with gradient colors and photographic components, you can use a digital printer.

Hanging the banner

If you want to hang vinyl banners with proper eyelets and vinyl fence books, your first task is to check that the fence hooks are very small. They must accommodate the grommets on the product.

  • Just slide the banner’s lower part into the grommet and slide the other part onto the grid wall or fence, or a ladder.
  • You can use the banners in a trade show, promotional event, sports event, or put them as displays in a craft show.
  • To secure the banners, you can wrap the zip. Tighten and tie them around the hooks and fence.

You can also hang it on a canopy with a strong rope. Often, when you hang banners on pop tents or canopies, heavy winds can jeopardize everything. Fasten the edges of the banner properly with a rope.

  • A quarter inch, premium nylon rope is a great choice. If you’re using a massive banner, you can use a 3/8 inches rope.
  • To prevent any fraying of the rope, you can apply the tape while making the cut. It prevents the rope from loosening and tattering.
  • To hang it with grommets, you can include quick links and 3/16 rope to secure grommet holes in the banner.
  • Add the links to the holes and tie the rope between the back legs. It creates a firm anchor for your vinyl banner.

The grommet game

The best way to hang the banners that contain grommets is to showcase accessories. They expand and secure the banner’s functionality in multiple situations. It also ensures the security of your banner. The accessories are ideal for multiple banner finishes and grommets.

Apart from the nylon rope, bungee cords are also an excellent option to pull the banner tightly. Just hook a cord’s end onto the concerned grommet. Hook the other end to your preferred anchor point.

You need to ensure that there’s sufficient tension between two bungees. Proper tension means you can pull it evenly across the ground.

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