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Factors to Consider When Buying a Digital Fabric Printing Machine

Fabric Printing Machine

To provide consumers with an endless number of benefits, today’s digital fabric printing machines are loaded with advanced components and technologies. However, these advanced features oftentimes drive up the cost of such a printing unit. In order to combat this trend, savvy consumers are now exploring the option of investing in a used or refurbished digital fabric printing machine instead. With a used or refurbished digital printing machine, consumers can enjoy the same level of quality that they would get from new or through a reputable dealer; however, at a significantly lower cost. Here is a rundown of the top benefits of shopping for a used or refurbished digital printing unit.

Cost savings:

Buying a second-hand unit offers a number of significant cost savings. For example, when you buy a used or refurbished digital fabric printing machine, you are likely to pay less than what you would pay if you purchased a new machine. Often times, these machines offer a one-time payment and will require you to sign a few pieces of paper. They will then remove your old machine and install a new one, often at no additional cost. As such, buying from a company who sells used units allows you to reap the benefits of a lower initial payment, but you will not have to spend any money on installation.


Another reason why consumers are turning to the refurbished or used digital fabric printing machine market outlook is because many people find that these types of machines last just as long as their replacement costs. This is a major benefit for businesses and large companies, as well as individuals who need a reliable yet affordable option for printing high-resolution and long-life text. Additionally, when you look at the overall durability of these types of machines, you will find that they are built to handle heavy workloads. This means that the owners of these machines do not have to worry about running their machines constantly. Instead, they can leave them set up in their offices, warehouses, or homes, and allow them to serve their purposes effectively for several years straight.


One of the most important aspects to consider when looking at the digital printing machine market outlook is the process that the printing company uses when producing their products. For example, some companies use dye sublimation in order to create the text on their products. Others use screen-printing technology to produce their products. Still others utilize ultrasonic and thermal transfer to protect their items from damage, such as fading and cracking. There are even a number of companies who utilize digital imaging processes, which include direct photo reproduction and offset printing. The type of technology that a digital printing company uses will largely be determined by the type of projects they are currently working on.


The speed with which a digital fabric printing machine can operate is important, especially for small projects. Generally, these printers can work on a variety of tasks, and can handle a large volume of materials without a problem. However, high-speed printers tend to work better on larger projects, and can create more professional-looking output than a low-speed printer could. When purchasing a machine, be sure to choose one that can handle either high-speed or low-speed processes, depending on what you need the printer to do.


Often, the most noticeable aspect of any digital textile printer is its color. The good news is that most models will work well with both CMYK printing and Pantone color matching. They will also be able to accept different file formats, such as TIFF, PDF, GIF, and others. However, if you are looking for a color printer that can also print in black and white, check out the cost, as this is usually more expensive. Check out the other factors that are important to you, such as the resolution and DPI of your material.

Print Quality:

There are many different aspects of digital fabric printing machines to consider. Consider whether you would like the machine to accept color dye sublimation, or solid color print heads. Also, take a look at how the machine functions in terms of toner, temperature and other settings, as well as other features, such as paper feed options. You will want to print in color if possible, and a high DPI setting will help you achieve the highest quality image possible. Also, you will want to make sure the machine has the proper software installed so that you can manipulate your images properly.

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If you are only interested in certain colors, then a monochrome dye sublimation printer may be the best choice. This type of machine can run at higher speeds, but typically only works with a small number of colors. If you are interested in large quantities of color prints, then a solid ink printer may be your best bet. These units are known for their ability to print in a wide range of resolutions and have a high net weight. Lastly, keep in mind that certain dye sublimation printers work better with certain market segments, such as children’s clothing. Other aspects of your digital fabric printing machine should also be taken into consideration, such as the type of imaging processes, the printer’s compatibility with future developments, and other important factors.

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