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Here Is How You Can Get the Best Internet Speed for Gaming

Get the Best Internet Speed for Gaming
Get the Best Internet Speed for Gaming

The last thing you want during an online game is internet speed issues. After investing in a pristine gaming rig with a fancy light-up mouse and other latest hardware, a dropping internet connection will single-handedly ruin the entire plan.

When it comes to online gaming internet is the most essential requirement. Even without gaining, the internet has become the most essential requirement in an average American household. We would lie to thank the pandemic-induced lifestyle here, but that has been done enough. Instead, we will break down the internet set up a gamer requires for a smooth gaming session online.

What is the best internet speed for gaming?

The conventional belief might lead you to think that a slow internet connection is the only factor that causes all the online gaming problems. Well, in reality, online gaming does not require a lot of internet speed. The only time an online game requires faster internet – more than 25 – 50 Mbps, is when you put a new game on update or download.

Even the fastest-paced games like Apex Legends require only minimum internet – 512 Kbps. However, internet speed does matter when you are not the only one using the internet at home.

To understand this better here is an example. Think of the download speed as birthday cake, so now slicing a 50 Mbps internet connection between two people means that each person gets a generous amount of cake. However, if you are living in a household that has five or ten people and everyone has their own plates (read: devices) then your cake will be sliced into many pieces and you might be left with just a pile of crumbs.

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So here, we suggest you get a 50 Mbps internet connection if you are the only one using it. But if you have a large household hold where people are fond of watching movies online, playing games, working from home, studying online and a lot more then you need to upgrade your internet connection to at least 150 Mbps. With a faster download speed, your family will be able to receive a strong internet connection on their devices.

We also suggest you choose the best and affordable internet connection available in your area. Hughesnet Internet service provides the best internet plans at the best prices for families across America. You can check whether Hughesnet Internet provides service in you’re area by simply putting your zip code in the zip code bar on

However, even with the faster plan, there is not any guarantee that you will receive all the right signals or a smooth gaming experience. Jitter, latency, and packet loss are widely important factors that you need to consider before expecting a smooth online gaming session.

What upload speed is best for online gaming? 

If compared to the download speed, the upload speed of your internet connection is not that significant for online gaming. The majority of online games require only 1 Mbps upload speed to run smoothly.

However, if you are regular gaming streamers on Twitch or you are creating a game strategy with your squad on discord then you need to put in efforts for getting a better upload speed as well. In either case, we recommend investing in an internet plan with at least 5-10 Mbps upload speed.

What is latency and how does it affect gaming.

Time for some boring definition

Latency is the factor that measures round-trip-time (RTT). In simple words, latency measures that how long does it take for a packet (bundle of information) to get to your device from the internet network and back to your internet device. A program called ping can measure the latency in your network, which is expressed in microseconds.

Doesn’t make sense, right?

So let us just break down the jargon.

You are playing ping-pong with your friends. The ping-pong is the bundle of information – the packet that’s holding the data. The time it takes your ball to get to your friend and then back to you is called latency.

To remove latency issues and to get a better internet service the quick solution is to switch to a better internet connection. Duh

Other than this, you can switch to an Ethernet cable, try changing the position of your router, configure your Wi-Fi router settings and do the usual tips and tricks.

Upgrade for a better gaming session

Nothing should interrupt an online gaming session. If you are a gamer and you want a smooth running online game night then your can either upgrade to a better internet connection or you can try some tips and tricks to have a temporary fix.

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