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Getting to Know The 4 Path of Exile Expedition Merchants

Here are the differences between Path of Exile Expedition’s Merchants.

NPCs have always played a huge role in Path of Exile. However, never in the history of the game’s many expansions have there been this many central NPCs. If you’re having trouble remembering what Expedition’s crew does and what kind of expansion-specific PoE Currency they accept, here’s a quick rundown.

What is Expedition Merchant

But before we go to your trading partners, a short summary on what to expect in Expedition. As the name of the league suggests, it will be centered on the titular Kalguuran expedition, whose purpose is to excavate settlements of their ancestors. Unfortunately for those that pioneered it, they are merchants and not warriors, which means it’s up to you to face the dangers of this journey.

Delve got players following an illuminating the mine cart. Harvest got players planting seeds and growing groves. Expedition, on the other hand, will have players excavating Since these merchants are dealing with their old relatives that have long dead, it should be no surprise that almost all enemies this time will be undead. However, given the past things you’ve faced, living corpses are practically chicken.

At the same time, it’s unwise to underestimate them. This is because as part of the namesake expedition, you’ll be relying on explosives to either unearth relics and call it a day, or the Undead. While it may seem like going for the relics is a no-brainer, using these explosives to do the latter is the more rewarding choice.

If you’re lucky, you can even get an Exalted Orb. At the same time, it would obviously disturb their more powerful more members, causing them to attack you. Basically, much like many other leagues before, Expedition will have its own twist to the usual high-risk-high-rewards style Path of Exile always had.

Lastly, on your expeditions, you’ll be able to find Logbooks every now and then. Give this to Dannig and he will bring you to the location in the logbook. These PoE items function as maps, as they can also be modified.

The Four Merchants: Artifacts as PoE Currency

The expansion will be introducing four new NPCs. Each of them has their own wares and accept a different kind of currency for PoE Trade. In this case, it would be artifacts. This means if you’re aiming for a particular item, then you’ll need to farm a specific PoE currency in order to get it. They also have their own quirks, and it’s important to know 

First of the four is Rog. Unlike the other three, he’s a no-frills item vendor. No trying out your luck or lowering of prices. He’ll sell you items for the indicated amount of Order Artifacts. And if you don’t want anything in his current catalog, you can give him Scrap Metal so that he will reshuffle it. Rather than letting players take chances in bargaining, he will instead offer to craft a specific item you want. If you choose this option, he will ask if you want the item upgraded or not. It should go without saying that when it’s done, just take the item and you’re good to go.

Next is Gwennen, who accepts Broken Circle Artifacts. What’s good about her is that her wares can be rerolled using Astragali. As her title, Gambler, suggests, the items you’ll be buying are of an unknown rarity and quality. That means it can either be completely worthless or the best thing in the world of Wraeclast. If you’re feeling lucky, it’s a no-brainer to choose her.

If Gwennen is all about gambling, players are going to be all about haggling with Tujen. He takes Black Scythe Artifacts as currency, and he restocks his shop upon giving him Exotic Coinage. Now comes the exciting part: the haggling. You can choose to haggle with him so you can buy the item at a cheaper price, but asking for a price too low means he’ll take the item off the shop forever. As good measure, players should only ask for a reasonably lower price, or else they risk losing the item they want.

Aside from the one assigned to your logbooks, Dannig is also a merchant. He takes Sun Artifacts as PoE currency, and unlike the other three, there’s no item that makes him change his stock. Giving him a Burial Medallion, however, makes him lower his prices.

Blasting ruins, exhuming the undead, gathering artifacts, and shopping – Expedition is a strange yet interesting and fun expansion. And with the help of those four, your exile is going to be more powerful.

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