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This Christmas season, get some meaningful jewelry gifts for your loved ones. They make up for an excellent personalized present. You can even gift them to your husbands and boyfriends, as a special occasion gift! Gewellryz has come up with the top five handmade silver jewelry gifts that are both meaningful and unique.

Top 5 Handmade Silver Meaningful Jewelry Gift Picks

Be it Christmas, your wedding anniversary, your significant other’s birthday, or any other special occasion, you should celebrate the bond you share with them. Pick from this list of meaningful jewelry gifts for both men and women to surprise them!

1. 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Tree Pendant

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925 Sterling Silver Handmade Tree Pendant, Source: Etsy

This made to order, customizable pendant is made of 925 Sterling Silver. This handmade jewelry gift is best for daily wear. It has gold over silver in its design, making it elegant, detail-oriented and attractive. You can ask for a finish of your own choice too! Order this meaningful jewelry gift now for $40.50 on Etsy!

2. Handmade Silver Archangel Michael Pendant 

Archangel Saint Micheal Silver Necklace by BySilverStone | Personalized Archangel Saint Michael Necklace Solid Silver Archangel Pendant St Micheal Necklace | Handcrafted 925K Sterling Silver

Handmade Silver Archangel Michael Pendant, Source: Amazon

This glorious and majestic Archangel Saint Michael pendant is one of the best meaningful jewelry gifts for men. Featuring 925 Sterling Silver, it comes with a silver chain, making it easier for you to wear it every day. It is a heavenly handmade jewelry piece made with meticulous detail by skilled artisans!

Archangel Michael is the angel of protection, from whatever needs to be protected. He symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and has been represented in art in several eras. You can call upon him to guard you through a difficult time. Get this pendant for your loved one to help them feel safe, particularly during challenging phases of life. It comes in a fine gift box, and has unparalleled artistic detail, making it ideal for people of faith. You can get it for $97.93 at Amazon.

3. Stackable Sterling Silver Ring

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Stackable Sterling Silver Ring, Source: Mejuri

This timeless stackable 925 Sterling Silver ring is one of the ideal meaningful jewelry gifts for him or her. It makes a bold statement when worn on its own, or even as part of a coordinated overall look. It has metallic spheres, making it great to be worn every day, reminding your loved one of you. Pair it with a basic white T-shirt and you’re good to go! Buy it for $40 on

4. Handmade Silver Dragonfly Earring Studs

Handmade Silver Dragonfly Earring Studs, Source: Gewellryz

These gorgeous, silver earring studs make the perfect meaningful jewelry gift for the ethereal girl! Made of 925 Sterling Silver, they feature clear-cut zirconia marquis shaped stones, in the form of a bezel. The design is that of a dragonfly, symbolizing emotions, the physical realm, lightness of being, joy, self-realization, adaptability, transformation, and change. This is the type of change that comes from realizing the deeper meaning of life and developing emotional maturity. The dragonfly also represents grace and elegance. So buy this elegant statement pair of silver studs only for $74.47 at Gewellryz!

5. Minimalistic Handmade Sterling Silver Ring

Minimalist handmade silver ring image 1

Minimalistic Handmade Sterling Silver Ring, Source: Etsy

If your loved one fancies minimalistic items, get them this delicate 925 Sterling Silver handmade ring. Designed in the form of a spiral, it is best for delicate fingers! They would surely love this meaningful jewelry gift. Buy this elegant ring now for $16.70 on Etsy!

Each of these gifts is made of 925 Sterling Silver, is handmade, and is meaningful. You could get these gifts for your loved ones even if there is no special occasion, and you just want to celebrate their presence in your life!

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