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Guide for relocating pets to Singapore


Preparation is the key to ensuring a safe and smooth passage for your pet when relocating to Singapore from some other country. Despite availing of the services of Shiloh Animal Express Pet Relocation Company, you should know the various steps involved in importing pets to Singapore so that you can take some advance action and stay prepared to ensure timely compliance with the laws. The import process is long and complex, and it is impossible to manage things without professional help.

Here are the things that you should be ready to comply with for importing pets to Singapore.

Import requirements for pets

The rules of importing pets to Singapore are more complex than many other countries because it is a rabies-free country and has vigorous checks in place to ensure that only healthy and rabies-free pets enter the country. However, compliance is not difficult if you know the rules and prepare accordingly well in advance.

Besides ensuring proper vaccination of pets for rabies except those arriving from Category1 countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Republic of Ireland, and New Zealand, all pets must stay in quarantine after landing in Singapore for a period between 10-30 days that vary according to the category of the country. The pet relocation company can make the task easy for you with proper guidance for timely action.

Moreover, dogs would require both an import license as well a dog license.

Veterinary requirements

Besides the regulations about rabies vaccines, if the pet is 16 weeks or older, then irrespective of the country of export, it must be vaccinated for Canine Hepatitis, Canine Distemper, and  Canine Parvorial infection 2 weeks before export.  In addition, pets must undergo rabies titer tests and treatment for external and internal parasites. Cats and dogs entering Singapore must have microchips for easy identification, as some may have to undergo quarantine depending on various factors.

Quarantine requirements

The quarantine rules vary by the exporting countries. Pets arriving from Category 1 and 2 countries are exempt from quarantine, provided it meets the other health requirements. For pets from Category 4 countries, 30 days quarantine is a must. It is 10 days for pets arriving from Category 3 countries, but only if the titer test was done 4 months before export and the pet undergoes revaccination after the test.  Reservations for quarantine should be made 3 months ahead at the Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station.  As there is quite some rush during the winter holidays and summer months, you can even book the slot 6 months in advance.

Obtain import permit

Apply for a dog license and import permit as soon as you book the slot for quarantine, and the pet relocation company will handle all such activities on your behalf by keeping in mind the validity period of 30 days.

The best thing about relocating your pet to Singapore is that you have the choice of carrying your pet along with you in the cabin as checked luggage which is of great relief. Or else the pet must travel as manifest cargo. 

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