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Here is What You Need to Expect When Facing Criminal Charges

Facing Criminal Charges
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Facing any criminal charge can create a disturbing impact on your life. You will need Facing any criminal charge can create a disturbing impact on your life that might cause you having an inmate criminal record. You will need the advice of a trusted criminal lawyer during the entire legal process of your criminal case. 

A Jersey City criminal defense attorney can help you fight any criminal case and make sure that you get the justice you deserve. 

Following are a few things that you must remember if you are facing criminal charges.

  • Do not speak or answer any questions about your case to anyone. Your friends and family may show involvement to get you to talk; however, do not share any information unless advised by your attorney.
  • If you have any evidence or witness that you remember, do not hesitate to share it with your criminal lawyer. This can help you in many ways to win the case.
  • Never answer any questions directly at the court when your attorney is not present.
  • Contact your attorney immediately if any conditions arise that might affect your case. Attorneys have experience with how to deal with criminal cases and can advise you with proper measures.
  • Avoid getting any third person involved in your case. It is recommended that you do all the legal procedures with the help of your attorney solely.
  • If anyone from the authority wants to talk to you or search your private property, choose to remain silent and make sure it is done in the presence of your attorney.

What to expect?

Being arrested

There are chances of you getting arrested. However, this depends on the severity of your case and charges. The officer will take you to jail, where you will be booked. Later, you will be placed in the holding cell. In such cases, you must contact your lawyer immediately. However, an arrest is not permanent, and in most cases, you get bail just by ensuring that you will be present at the next hearing.

Initial appearance 

It is your first impression of the court. The prosecutor reviews your case and tells you about your charges. It will help if you have a talk with your attorney about the entire process. If you plead guilty, the next step will be your sentencing, and if you claim not guilty, you will get another date known as a preliminary hearing, where your case will be discussed further.

Later, your criminal lawyer will help in proving you innocent and start collecting evidence and witnesses. You might get a plea bargain if you plead guilty, or your case will go to trial, where the judge will question your witness after reviewing the matter and give you a final verdict.

Every criminal case is different, and you get charged according to the level of your crime and the legal rules established by law.

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