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Top 8 Reasons to Get an Online Criminal Justice Degree

A Gallup survey shows that Americans believe crimes have increased in the country even though we’ve got data indicating otherwise. As per surveys they’ve conducted since 1993, almost 60% of adults have suggested that crimes continue increasing annually. So, these statistics can explain why people are more interested in pursuing a degree in criminal justice. From police officers to private detectives – there are several careers you may acquire with a bachelor’s degree in this field. There are many benefits of contributing to the progress of criminal justice professionally in the United States. For youngsters who have shown a passion for law enforcement, we’ll describe some advantages of these occupations.

Benefits of Pursuing a Degree in Criminal Justice

After the incidents that occurred last year, people’s confidence in police officers has declined. In 2019, we observed 53% of Americans showing trust in this department that decreased to 48% in 2020. Though these statistics only describe how one occupation related to criminal justice is being perceived publicly. Once you’ve successfully obtained a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, several career options areavailable to choose from. So, what’s the first thing that’ll motivate students to pursue this qualification now?

Statistics show that some 30% of police officers have a college degree. So, earning an online degree can potentially enhance criminal justice job growthfor you. Since BLS already expects this career to grow by 7% during this decade. Distance learning has even enabled criminal justice practitioners to improve their academic expertise and become eligible for career advancement. We’ll discuss these points and several others here as well. So, let’s discuss some major reasons for folks to pursue a criminal justice degree.

  • You Can Help Others

Earning an online degree in criminal justice allows you to assist others, rescue victims, protest at-risk youth, and help rehabilitate convicted criminals. Many people have watched movies showing agents risking their lives to save the country. These fictional characters inspired our generation to contribute to the betterment of society. So, you can supervise criminals’ progress as they journey towards rehabilitation. Moreover, you can advocate for victims who need help.

  • Understanding the Human Mind

This degree helps you understand human psychology and untangle the mysteries of how a criminal’s mind works. By studying different aspects of abnormal psychology, you can identify factors leading a person to the world of crime. The deeper you delve into these secrets, the better you can predict a criminal’s behavior. So, criminal justice seems like an interesting subject for folks with a passion for psychology. Pursue this degree if you wish to learn about the sinister features of human nature.

  • An In-Demand Profession

With a faster-than-average growth in this profession, criminal justice professions have now become much sought-after. With boomers gradually retiring, the government needs more millennials to join the rank and fill the gaps. Americans are looking forward toincluding more women, minorities, and youngsters in the workforce. Diversity has become a national movement that strives to make federal agencies more inclusive, tolerant, and accessible to people. Not even 13% of our police, women and justice-related professions have transformed into in-demand careers for our passionate students!

  • Easy Academic Opportunities

We’ve mentioned how e-learning facilities have made the pursuit of academic expertise convenient for students and workers alike. So, police officers who wish to excel in their careers can also improve their pedagogical capabilities by earning a bachelor’s digitally. You don’t have to spend extra money to commute. With just a laptop, students can finish their degrees and enter the criminal justice profession. These distance learning programs are more accessible to you than usual ones.

  • A Steady Income

Criminal justice professionals are paid handsomely for their services to the nation. According to BLS, officers made over $67,000 last year on average. Similarly, FBI agents and CIA agents are paid $73,000 and $81,000, respectively. Moreover, experts estimate that people with a master’s degree make $12,000 more on average than those with just a bachelor’s. So, you can always pursue additional educational qualifications to increase your yearly income and lead an affluent lifestyle.

  • Great Retirement Benefits

Today, criminal justice degrees enable students to receive excellent retirement benefits – especially if you’ve landed an employment opportunity in the federal government. Criminal justice professionals are offered several facilities ranging from paid vacations to training assistance. Working for the federal government, you can enroll yourself in ASLRP that allows students to repay their debts. Some departments – such as the police – permit employees to retire after 20-25 years.

  • A Versatile Workforce

There are different employment opportunities for students pursuing a criminal justice degree online in 2021. Don’t assume that you can only land a job as a cop! You may work as a polygraph specialist, offer your services as a fingerprint technician, serve your department as a corrections officer, or get a job as a criminal profiler. There are several career options for individuals who have finished their degrees in this subject. What are more jobs at your disposal after earning a bachelor’s? They are:

  • DEA agent
  • Probation officer
  • Homicide detective
  • Private investigator
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Gaining Niche Expertise

While undergrads receive an overview of criminal justice, pursuing a master’s allows you to improve your academic expertise regarding this subject. You can specialize in various sub-fields for acquiring expertise. An online degree allows you to pursue some leadership roles in this profession as well. Now, what sort of niche expertise can you gain in criminal justice? Students have several options to consider, some of which we’ll explain for your know-how:

  • Criminology:You’ll study crimes, their natures, and the criminal mindset. It helps you realize what makes individuals commit crimes.
  • Cyber Forensics:In this niche, you’ll track down cybercriminals and deal with offenses that have been committed in the digital realm (combating hackers).
  • Administration:This subject enables you to handle the administrative responsibilities in this field while creating/executing policies for making the justice system more efficient.


As crimes persist in the USA, we’ll need more criminal justice graduates to strengthen the system. There are several benefits of pursuing criminal justice and obtaining a bachelor’s degree. The addition of well-educated agents will improve how citizens perceive law enforcement professionals. You can prevent crimes, rescue victims, and eliminate evils, e.g., drugs/violence from society, thereby making Americans feel well-protected. With different career options available to you, these occupations are stable. There’s a brotherly connection that exists among police officers as well. So, you can find another family at the workplace in the form of your colleagues.

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